Friday, May 21, 2010

What is your tactic in beating up some aggressor in self defense?

Do you have a certain tactic or just improvise? Do you use broken bottles or other tools?|||The tactic that is used in self defense, is all BASIC. The beginning of all self defense training begins with Basics. Your Instructor will teach you all the basics that will fullfil your requirements to perform in the Martial Art system that you are learning. Your responsibility, is to learn it the best you can and to continue to practice it as much as you can. Your best defensive tactic will be the natural reflex that you would apply, responding to and aggressor. So far, it had been my best tactic for defense.|||i always have my pepper spray on me, i dont mess with trying to fight myself, i dont let anyone get that close the pepper spray takes them down instantly. Here is a great site with tons of personal protection supplies, they have everything.|||Not telling everybody what my move would be|||Nothing fancy, simple, straight forward, self defense.|||My tactic is to defend myself. You must think %26quot; I cannot lose.%26quot; vs. %26quot;I must win.%26quot;

In a self-defense situation you do whatever you must to preserve your life.|||I don%26#039;t stick to tactics but I do stick to the basics. Planning on performing a particular tactic or move can often get you into trouble when the situation doesn%26#039;t play out like you thought it would.|||exactly, in self defence you fight to win, not to be fair. go for the nose. it makes your eyes water so bad that you have a hard time seeing|||Whatever I have needed to do, I have done. Punch, kick, hair, nuts, inanimate objects. Nothing is off limits. Grinding a guys face into the asphalt when I have him pinned down doesn%26#039;t make me feel bad.

My most improvised move was to toss something to a guy and kick him in the nuts when he tried to catch it. That one ended quickly.

I only worry that the lack of thought control I used to fight with will come back in a fight and get me hurt.|||If you are attact you have Adrenalin pumping through you. If your heart rate goes to high you freeze. That happens allot to woman. Stick to basics and some times train under stressful conditions.|||Grab them by the Throat, and Pound their face with the fury of the Gods a Single blow that will reach back into the depths of the Heavens themselves, shattering the walls between mortal men and Gods. A strength that makes Cain fear, and Sampson weak. A blow that will bring glory and remembrance from now to beyond judgment. The battle of Thermopylae will become nothing more than a mere scuffle in the dusty Shadow of my Punch.|||When you are in a situation where you have to defend yourself, there might not be any tools available and depending of the degree of threat, even the most trained fighter will have some apprehension about fighting in an unfamiliar environement. Lone attacker or multiple attackers?

It is unreasonable to predict a tactic or strategy other than once you commited to defend yourself, you will have to do whatever it takes to not let your opponent(s) do you any harm.

The hard training and the years of experience could help in these situation, but it will still be far from practicing at the local Dojo with people you are familiar with.

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