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What is the best self defense weapon for a single mom, other than a gun?

I don%26#039;t want a gun in the home with a small child. Are stun guns or pepper spray really beneficial?What other options are there to carry on me at work, parking lots etc?|||A gun in the home with children is not the best option in my opinion. First of all, you are endangering yourself and your children if you do not take some gun safety classes and put in a lot of range time. Guns are not simply a point and shoot weapon. It takes a lot of skill and practice in order to safely manipulate a gun. Secondly, in order to safely keep a gun in the house you would need a safe or gun lock--both of which might be a heck of a lot harder to open under extreme stress.

Pepper spray in the house is just useless. When that stuff is sprayed inside any place, the user (you) gets to suck up as much as the assailant.

At home, I believe the best defense is preventative offense. Have a quality burglar alarm installed. Get to really know your neighbors. Keep your house well lit on the outside (think motion sensor floodlights) and possibly even look into those doo-hickeys that turn on your inside lights at certain times. Maybe even consider a dog. Dogs are by no means the end all, but they are a great deterrent to those criminals whose heart may not be totally into it.

The average criminal acts on impulse and opportunity. Burglar alarms and dogs tend to make a home not as attractive as another one.

When you%26#039;re out and about, again, the best defense is a proactive offense. Don%26#039;t chat on the cell phone unnecessarily--you%26#039;ll get tunnel vision and not notice what%26#039;s going on around you. Always be aware of your surroundings. If somebody is pacing you while you%26#039;re walking and you get hinked up, get into a public place. Again--criminals need that opportunity to act, don%26#039;t give it to them.

I%26#039;m personally wary of recommending weapons because unless you really practice to the point that it becomes a natural extension of you, any weapon is just something that can be used back on you.|||Excellent answer. Report Abuse
|||some people are immune to pepperspray, especially if they are high on drugs. if you don%26#039;t like gun, try using a chain saw, machete or ax.|||i think there is some thing like a stun gun that you can get. i would get a dog. i have a Doberman that is so sweet and loving. she loves every body but is also very protected of my hubby and myself but even more so with my grand children when they are here. i truly think some one would have to kill her before she would let them hurt one of us. i know i feel a lot safer with her then with out her. just some thing to think about.|||Get the foaming pepper spray that is in really great colors, you can%26#039;t buy it in Canada, but the folks here get around that fact by buying %26quot;bear spray%26quot;, which is a really heavy capsaicin product, that really should only be used on bears. If caught with bear spray in a populated area you can be charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and for US tourists coming to Canada, leave your spray on the US side, or you may be seeing the inside of one of our not so nice RCMP stations at a border crossing / port of entry town!!


%26quot;Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second?%26quot;|||A pump actoin 12 guage shot gun is by far the best home defense someone can have.Its simple to use, easy to aim , stops your invaider with one shot, and everyone knows the sound of a cocking shotgun and if they continue to come at you, deserves to die.

A large breed dog, like a german shepard or a boxer are very efective. allow them to bark, but not too much. that way you know when something is up.|||Well the handiest thing to carry is keys between your fingers. You can gouge their eyes. But what most people haven%26#039;t mentioned it just take self defense classes. Not karate just regular self def fence. So that your prepared in any situation. People don%26#039;t realize how they would react with different weapons but if you know how to react in different situation without weapons then you will feel more secure. For instance if someone comes from behind most people pull forward and try to fight. What you should do is push backwards which pushes the assailant off guard and off his feet. Then you can run away or do whatever you need to do. Take classes. Ask your local police which are the best ones or check out your local karate schools which also teach these classes. Good Luck|||Definately an excellent idea to keep away from guns. As soon as you begin to arm yourself (even if for self defence), you%26#039;re making yourself more dangerous to a would be attacker. If you make yourself more dangerous, they will be more likely to treat you with equal force/brutality. I would suggest nothing more than a loud personal alarm, possibly of the type that actually automatically places an emergency call giving your location.|||Get a gun. There are plenty of safty precautions you can get and use if you have a young child. Trigger locks, and safes to name a few.|||It%26#039;s so sad to find that we live in a world where single parents feel they have to protect themselves, i don%26#039;t condone violence or use of weapons of any sort but unfortunatley it is a way of life now, not only the fear %26amp; protection to yourself but also to your children, i know that i would kill if i knew my children were in danger, it%26#039;s difficult in the uk as carrying any weapon is an act of aggression %26amp; is an instant prison sentence although that doesn%26#039;t deter intruders at your own home, in my house it would be the nearest thing at reach, let it be a knife or even an axe, to carry on a day to day basis then some kickboxing lessons %26amp; very loud rape alarm|||mix cayenne and water in a spray bottle and carry a metal bat and an ink pen,maybe a small loud siren horn|||While it seems cruel and perhaps inhumane, a cat or dog. I know of several instances where people threw their cat at the perp; claws come out and ooh that is painful.

My son was saved by his dog in Vegas and made it easy for the police to find him because he left a bloody trail..

Pepper spray and mace may be more up your alley.|||I know a girl that carries spray paint cans in her car. Spray that in someones eyes and tell me how they like it.|||Pepper spray will give you a false sense of security. You have to make sure that in case of an energency you will be able to point and shoot in the right direction. There%26#039;s always the possibility of a thug taking it from your hands and spraying it on you.

Stun guns present almost the same dilemma. And by the time you use it, you have to be in close contact. Are you sure you will pull it and use it effectively?

I agree with the concern about a gun in a household with a child.

So, a good alternative you didn%26#039;t consider may be a professionally trained dog.|||Tasers do require some practice and training. Pepper spray may be your best option - point and spray - purchase the foam kind instead of the fog and if it comes in pretty colors - to identify the bad guy - choose purple. That way if he gets away - he has to go around looking like Barney for a week or so!|||I agree with the first poster but if it makes you feel more comfortable pepper spray or a taser would work just fine too. I%26#039;ve always carried my keys in my fist ( with a key sticking up from between each of my fingers ) while walking in parking lots and ramps. I suppose just because it%26#039;s convenient.|||I say no to pepper spray, doesn%26#039;t work on everyone, and wow, when that cloud comes back at you, it sucks. I have never used it myself at work, I%26#039;d rather use control holds, or if someone is that out of control, back off and let a sarge come with a taser. But I have been caught in other officers clouds, and it%26#039;s no fun. Kind of a funny sight, three cops and a bad guy all tearing and gagging in the ER. I hate OC spray.|||Pepper spray is good and very effective. Take a class in its use.|||usually pepper spray and stun guns are false security. If a person sneaks up behind you, you will have no time to react and reach in your purse to grab whatever you have. However I would say invest in a advance self defense class or Karate. They can teach you and mentally prepare u, the best for a situation that might be life or death.|||Ways to buy Time for the police to arrive.

Peep hole in exterior doors.

Lighting to make your exterior less inviting. (A way to see your vehicle from inside (no close bushes etc)

Alarm stickers %26#039;visible%26#039; on small sign or windows.

A good security alarm.

Quality windows with good blinds or drapes. (If you realy need them, bars are available, however you must consider fire escape as well)

A second lockable door in a hallway that leads to the bedrooms if your home allows for it. (buys time once someone is in your home for you to contact help)

I am a fan of a 20 guage shotgun (with an atached light) 9 shot will not pass through multiple walls, there are ways to secure it in your home that will prevent your child from getting it. Train in any weapon system you aquire.

Drill and practice emergency procedures. Fire and break in etc.

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