Friday, May 21, 2010

What are the laws with self defense weapons?

Weapons like is it illegal to carry batons, taser or pepper spray?|||Yes, the Liberal establishment in California believe that you should just cooperate with robbery, rape, and pedophilia and have made it illegal to posses any of the defensive weapons you have listed.|||I know nunchuks are illegal. And cane swords. So basically, very few options are left for self defense weapons that are also awesome. Hip-sheathed swords might be ok. I forgot.

Regardless of the weapon, I%26#039;d ask a cop and/or a lawyer before carrying it around, just to make sure.|||Certain amounts of pepper spray are legal in California. I believe you need a permit of some sort, and you need to take a safety class.|||Baton it is illegal, and a taser and pepper spray is legal|||depends what state. all those mentioned above are iffy in california. Pepper spray is allowed in cali but not tazer and baton. Law Enforcement only|||Depends greatly by state

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