Monday, May 17, 2010

What are the Benefits of Shooting Someone on Your Property in California out of Self Defense as Opposed To?

Regular self defense, cuz according to this

If you%26#039;re thretened you can shoot them, but isn%26#039;t that ALWAYS the rule?

What is the difference if they%26#039;re on yur property? Any more leniency, or is it just if yur threatened which is the rule everwhere on yur property or not|||Generally speaking, there is more to self-defense than simply feeling threatened. First, you must have a reasonable belief that you are in danger. Second, you must use reasonable force necessary to defend yourself. Third, you have a duty to retreat, if possible. This means that if I feel threatened by you, but I have the option of running away then I MUST run away. I can only resort to self-defense if I have no other option.

Some states, however, hold that when the intruder is on your property you have no duty to retreat. This means that if you are on your property then the only issue involved is whether you had good reason to feel threatened and whether or not you used reasonable force to defend yourself. The duty to retreat is not an issue if you are on your property.|||In Florida you can shoot first and ask questions later, but in California and in every other state you better keep the gun in the holster.

Based on your spelling, I suggest that you turn in your gun to the police on one of those %26quot;$100 per gun no questions asked%26quot;, before you end up shooting someone while hoping that you knew the law|||See part 2, regarding defense of habitation. That means home. In other places, you have a greater duty to retreat, to run away if you can do so safely. At home, you can stay and defend even if you have the opportunity to run away.|||this is very tricky. you have to be inside with the doors closed for it to be full self defense. If you were on your front porch the courts will say why didnt you go inside, very tricky....I know|||I think that there is more leniency. They are already breaking the law for being on your property but im not sure if you can shoot them just for this. I believe you can in some states though|||Oh God...why would you want to shoot anybody? Geez. I think I%26#039;d move out of that neighborhood.

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