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What's the best self-defense weapon that women have the right to carry and use in the streets?

Is there something more efficient,safer and less expensive than the Taser?

I want to use the Taser, but unfortunately we cannot use like a gun ( we can shot only one person), and the amunitions are too expensive.

Tear gas is notso efficient, and everybody has some ( especially the bandits)

So is there something new, more interesting?|||You should avoid guns, knives, and tasers unless you are trained well in how to use them.

Too many people hurt themselves or get the weapon taken away and used against them in a bad situation. Especially when wielding a knife. If you haven%26#039;t been training for years with it then you most likely will cut yourself or have it turned against you.

You should really start out with self defense classes that can teach you the psychology of being in a life threatening situation, because most situations can be avoided if you have some awareness and often times people freeze up in a bad situation because it is nothing like they imagined it would be.

Your best weapon is knowledge first. A personal alarm is a good way to attract attention and that is the last thing that any attacker wants. It gives them less time to injure you. If they are after your money or personal belongings then let them take them and they will leave quickly, but if they are planning on kidnapping or raping you then that is much more difficult when a deafening alarm is attracting attention to you. Don%26#039;t underestimate the power of simple devices. A small bright led light on your key chain to shine in your attackers eyes the moment they walk up to you can be effective in taking away their momentum and giving you the chance to escape and set off your personal alarm. You just made yourself too much trouble for them to continue after.

Pepper spray can help also, but remember that it lingers in the air and stays there so you are making it difficult for yourself to breath also. If you notice someone approaching, you could have your light and spray on your key chain and when they get too close and become a threat shine the light in their eyes to stop their momentum and give them a simultaneous shot of pepper spray and run. If you think it is still necessary set off your personal alarm.

The biggest secret to self defense is to be prepared and usually the attackers biggest advantage is the element of surprise. If you are carrying a gun or a taser in your purse you won%26#039;t be able to get to it, because the attacker will already be on you.

I moved to Mexico for a year to learn spanish and I had to walk through a neighborhood that American students always got mugged or attacked in at night. If I was smart I would have just forked out the few dollars to take a cab and prevented any situation to begin with, but I wanted to save money and I liked the walk anyway. But I was always watching my surroundings and one day I noticed a group of young men starting to surround me from all directions as I was walking through a plaza. I knew what was going to happen so I charged the closest one in front of me before the others had the chance to close in on me. At night I would put on a ring with a spike on it just in case. The guy that I charged was in shock and didn%26#039;t know what to do. I turned the tables on him and I punched him with the ring and he started to scream and fell to the ground and I kept running. No one followed me.|||I would think being trained on how to use a knife in self defense would be just as good as a gun. If a couple people ever jumped you, you could easily severely wound one by catching the individual off guard and fight off the other one if properly trained. Are there even any self defense training classes on how to use a knife? Kind of bizarre if not.|||In the US of A, a woman has the same rights to carry a handgun as a man. I opted for a .357 magnum when I learned that it will bring down anything on the North american continent.

Also, I like to have available an ice pick, available for less than $3.00 at most hardware stores (where it snows!).

In the past, one of the most dangerous weapons in widespead use by women was those old-fashioned, long hatpins. Strategically aimed the pins will perforate any major organ on a non-obese subject, who will eventually die of internal hemorrage.

Nowadays, though, the hatpins I have found are not sturdy enough to be functional

Rape will stop when predators die.|||Purchase a collapsible metal baton. It whips out as so as you take it out and it hurts like hell. Small enough to carry in your purse. A kubaton is also good too. Comes in steel or reinforce solid plastic and it can be carried as a key chain. There%26#039;s manuals on how to use them.|||Snub .357 magnum. You say ammunition is too expensive? How much is your life worth to you ?|||pepper mase|||last time I checked, you still had the right to bear arms. guns seem to be handy to me. i suggest a .50 caliber.|||each state is different..but you can carry personal pepper spray..that stuff hurts like heck..i would prefer a bullet to being sprayed in my eyes again with pepper spray..of course police spray is still does the job...and like other people said a knife and gun can be taken from you and used against you...and in some states you cannot have a gun concealed on you or you will be arrested.|||Box cutter knives are good. It%26#039;s sad that we have to run around carrying weapons because of the slime everywhere. Also, a concealed weapons permit will allow you to carry a glock.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle is very effective:

Cobra Semi-Automatic Pistol is good too:

Box cutters will rip that jugular vein apart, also good to use it on their wrists so they have problems %26amp; bleeding to death. Get that DNA on you so you can prove who your attacker is just in case he gets away.

Sad, but necessary today with all the slime filth around. You can never trust %26quot;ANYONE%26quot;....THIS MEAN NO ONE.|||I think there are too many things that can go wrong with those kinds of self-defense weapons. Pepper spray can accidentally get in your eyes and you can miss with a taser.

Guns are a HUGE responsibility and take a lot of time and patience to become proficient with one.

Personal alarms are great and are very easy to use. They don%26#039;t inflict any pain BUT anyone wanting to do you harm is very easily deterred from attacking you. It%26#039;s hard to really explain how LOUD these things are.

I%26#039;d say they%26#039;re good if you%26#039;re needing to find a little bit of safety in a more populated area. They won%26#039;t work for obvious reasons if you%26#039;re more secluded.|||pepper spray|||Mace will work every time. And a assited open pocket knife just to make sure. You can get a really nice kershaw knife at walmart for $35 or less. I put mace first though because you can pull a gun or knife and still be over powered but using mace first that guy is down and then you can hold them off with a weapon|||%26quot;......weapon that women have the right to carry.....%26quot;

Last time I checked, women have the same right to be armed....

What you can carry depends on the law of your country/state/whatever. CHECK WITH LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES!

There really isn%26#039;t anything better than a pistol in a holster (not in a handbag, takes too long) but if you can%26#039;t (due to local law) or won%26#039;t carry one, you should consider pepper balls. Pepper ball is exactly the same size as a paintball can be shot from a normal paintball gun, the down size is that even a pistol is bulky and you can only keep it in a handbag.

The effectiveness of OC spray or commonly called pepper spray (It is unlikely that you get real tear gas a.k.a. CS these days) depends on OC%, method or delivery (direct stream or mist). Personally I will go for direct stream, less chance of me tasting my own medicine and got way more range.

Other less-lethal alternatives include retractable baton, a surefire torch (only works at nite, shine it at the attackers eyes and run like hell but can also be used as a impact weapon).

Whatever you carry, remember 2 things:

1) You must be able to reach it quickly, handbag is usually a bad idea (you do get ones designed to hold a pistol and other weapons). There is not time to dig through all your normal stuff to get to you weapon.

2) Train, train and train some more, even with pepper spray.....

Update: I saw the other people%26#039;s post on caliber and carry a knife. Here%26#039;s my 2 cents worth:

Get trainned, try different calibres and then get the biggest pistol that you are WILLING to carry all day long. Personally, I wouldn%26#039;t want to go smaller than 9mm Luger but would rather have a tiny .32 ACP on me than a Ar-15 rifle in my safe when the stuff hits the fan. BTW, with the same calibre, the smaller/lighter a gun is, the more it recoils so you need to find a compromise between, power, recoil, capacity and size.....

Carrying a knife, those one hand open folders are compact, fast and deadly BUT be warned, many people are more reluctant to cut than to shoot a person. Knife fighting takes way more determination than most other weapons. Also, be prepared to get cut yourself in a knife fight (if the attacker has one), a trained knife fighter once told me that the only difference between a trainned and untrainned knife fighter is that the trainned one gets cut a bit less and only get cut in less vital parts of the body. I don%26#039;t mean to scare you but you should consider the risk of HIV and or blood borne stuff..... I am not say don%26#039;t carry one (I do carry one myslef), just be aware of the facts.... Last thing, never buy a cheap knife, they do break! Try branded ones like coldsteel, spyderco and CRKT.

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