Monday, May 17, 2010

Is it OK to hit smokers in self defense?

If someone starts smoking in a public place should it be ok to hit them in self defense? I view their smoking as a chemical attack against me for which I have no defense but to stop the smoker. If they are asked to quit and don%26#039;t then the health of all around them is being threatened by their second hand smoke. Wouldn%26#039;t it be self defense to stop them with physical force? I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s any different than someone attacking me with a gun or a knife. Second hand smoke is a lethal weapon.|||HAH! Your funny! LOL! I like this question, it made me laugh!|||In my country(India), there are laws that ban public smoking. So I would rather complain to authorities than directly reacting. If there is no law in your country against public smoking, you should rather generate public interest in having such a law. It is best not to take law in your hands and end up in prison. It would also be nice if you kindly request them to stop instead of using force, because that is more likely to have a positive result.|||No, but it is ok to move.|||You benefit from the tax money they give you.

Once you stop taking their tax money, you can create stronger laws to protect yourself. But as it stands, you are just as responsible as they are because you accept their %26#039;blood money%26#039;.

You don%26#039;t like the %26#039;blood money%26#039; that you%26#039;re taking, well write your congressional leaders...they just got over $100 million from the tabbaco companies...your state can only keep it if smokers keep buying the cig%26#039;s and paying higher taxes...if you truley want to get rid of smokers, get rid of your own dependancy on their money!!!

Smoke free for 62 days now!!!|||What if people beat your *** for being ignorant? See they have a right to protect themselves (self defense) against ignorance. Point is being dumb as a box of rocks %26amp; being self centered is cruel. Maybe someone should beat YOUR *** for that.|||That%26#039;s blown WAY out of proportion. Forget about second-hand smoke... My next door neighbor smokes 3 packs a day and plays the lottery at 112 years old... She%26#039;ll outlive all of us. And the next time you decide to start your car, i%26#039;ll remind you you%26#039;re polluting the air too.|||You need a TEAM of professionals, to help you get over your anger issuses|||Personally, I%26#039;d love to hit them, but I prefer to stay out of jail. I wonder if you could piss on them. It%26#039;s less damaging to their health than their smoke is to yours. Or maybe you should spit on them. After all, their smoke has entered their bodies, been exhaled and enters your body. Spitting on them would be less damaging to them.

Since you are as concerned with second-hand smoke as I am, I urge you to join ANR (Americans for Nonsmokers%26#039; Rights). They have monthly updates of non-smoking ordinances nationwide as well as news of %26quot;preemptive measures%26quot; on the part of the tobacco industry to circumvent new legislation with their own watered-down versions. The link is below:|||I agree with Tim G BUT

If you hit me, I%26#039;m gonna give you a bad case of lead poisoning.|||When I have been asked if I mind them smoking I ask if they mind me farting (not very lady like I know) :-)

Peace|||%26quot;second hand smoke kills...but not effectively enough%26quot;. Sorry, but you have no right to hit. It is assault. Try moving to the many states that have banned smoking in public places. I am a smoker (don%26#039;t hit me!) who enjoys going out in smoke free places (weird, huh?). I do not smoke in my house around my boyfriend or dog. I go outside. I understand the long term effects that smoking has on my body...but it is a powerful addiction. I do not want to have my loved ones breathe the sickening cloud of smoke that I create. It is unfair to them, as it is to you. Good for you for not smoking. I hope to be strong soon and quit. I have no problem with %26quot;militant%26quot; nonsmokers...they have the power to send a strong message to the younger generation about the risks of smoking. Nowadays, most resturants are nonsmoking...It is the bars that may still allow smoking. I just hope that when you go out drinking and have spent your night breathing in second hand smoke, you will not get behind the wheel of your polluting vehicle and drink and drive. Nobody is perfect.|||What are you gonna do next? Hit every one driving? You probably put more pollution in the air starting your car.|||yes, it is fine if you like small rooms with lots of decorative iron bars. Of course it%26#039;s not ok to hit someone for smoking. At least second hand smoke takes a long time to do any damage. Either move or ask them to please refrain from smoking in your vicinity. Most people are pretty understanding. Of course there are some who would make a big deal about it.|||Absolutely not. Physical violence solves nothing, and unless the %26#039;public place%26#039; is posted as a non-smoking area you have no right to even ask them to stop. Secondhand smoke is no more (or less) dangerous to you than the industrial air pollution most of us live with every day. Do you also wish to hit every factory worker you meet? Grow up and stop making excuses to hit people.|||LOL, when someone smokes they%26#039;re not doing it to purposely hurt someone. You need a good dose of common sense. Maybe someone should smack you to try and knock the stupid out.|||Yes. Please begin physically assaulting people who represent a potential %26quot;chemical attack%26quot; on your defenseless person. Do not, under any circumstances, expect them to have any sense or class to respect your polite requests. Get self-righteous and beligerent immediately, if not sooner. Note: if you have are wearing a tacky outfit or possess bad breath or noticeable body odor, or have children that are behaving badly; I have also given permission to those people otherwise offended to smack YOU. That%26#039;s why its called a %26quot;public%26quot; place---we are all expected to try to accomodate other viewpoints and habits...and when we can no longer do this, we retreat to a %26quot;private%26quot; place, i.e. HOME.

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