Friday, May 21, 2010

What do you think of the new Texas Self Defense Gun Law?

This new law goes into effect Sept 1st. You can shoot to kill someone that threatens you in your car or office. (Before it was just your home)

From what I understand, the use of lethal force is allowed for violent crimes like rape, or if your life is threatened, someone unlawfully trying to enter a protected place or removing someone from a protected place.|||The new law is certainly a step in the direction to prevent victims from being victimized at the expense of letting the thugs have more rights than the victim.

None the less, the law is still very specific that one must be certain in their actions that a weapons use is only within the guidelines of the law.

Hopefully, criminals and their lawyers will get the message...crime won%26#039;t be tolerated!

Best wishes.|||well it sound good, but their going to be some use it as a way to kill|||It%26#039;s common-sense.

You have a right to be secure in your person and property wherever you go. If threatened, you have the right to protect yourself, wherever you are.

Just like the founding fathers intended.|||Florida adopted this law about a year ago, and as a handgun owner, and a conceal carry permit, this law makes me feel a bit more comfortable as a citizen who has his life threatened by some thug who wants to take something that isn%26#039;t theres. It also makes those thugs think twice about trying to harm you or take your vehicle. I think you will be happy with the new law.|||Sounds good to me.|||I think it%26#039;s great. I already have a conceal-carry permit and, while I haven%26#039;t made the decision to carry outside my home yet, I like that I would be able to defend myself. These boneheads have many more rights than law-abiding citizens do, thanks to the aclu, and in some instances, if you don%26#039;t handle a break-in at your house %26#039;just right%26#039;, you can be SUED by an intruder, for defending yourself! I think people are sick of being scared and bullied by lawyers who, for some reason, want to give criminals more rights than people who do contribute to society.|||louisiana passed one similar,car jacking fell to almost zero

i think we need to go back to the wild west,every one who can legally carry one SHOULD|||I like that Idea it will make criminals think twice before doing any thing stupid|||I like it alot. With all the criminals coming here from mexico, american%26#039;s better arm themselves and defend thier property and well being.|||I endorse any self defense law...|||scary|||Whatever.

Gun-happy people.

A bunch of innocent people will get hurt.

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