Monday, May 17, 2010

What is the best spring knife for self defense?

What is the best spring knife (the type of knife where you push the button and the blade pops out) currently available on the market? Do you have any recommendations? What are the strongest blades made out of? Steel? Or do they also make them out of titanium? If possible, please list your top 5 picks.|||1. Benchmade 3300 Nice out the front knife a little big but very strong

2. Benchmade 2500BK A small Benchmade (one of the best brands out there) which is perfect for your pocket

3. Pro-Tech 915 Godfather with g-10 inserts--very light

4. Spyderco Citadel a nice Beefy auto. Very strong.

5. Benchmade Mini Auto Rukus. Small and strong

Here is the thing. You shouldn%26#039;t ever have to use a knife in self defense unless you are in the wrong place at the wrong time or if you are in the military. But it is never a bad thing to be prepared. You almost can%26#039;t go wrong with a Pro-Tech, a Benchmade, a Spyderco, or an MOD (Masters of Defense) knife. Pick one that fits you and your needs as far as size and all else. If you aren%26#039;t sure, ask around and get a feel for what will fit you and your needs.|||I cant give any recommendations on the fly, but dont listen to Mr. E. Many, Many people use knifes for self defence. And not nessesarily is every defence situation a gun fight. Carrying a knife around in your pocket is a much more pratical and inconspicous way to have a weapon. I personally carry a folding knife with a 3%26quot; blade in my pocket at all times.

And the correct term for a spring knife is a switchblade.|||Knife for self defense? Are you serious ? Never bring a knife to a gun fight - the other guy wont! If you can%26#039;t have or get a gun, use Bear Repellant ( a x-tra super strong pepper spray) or consider a quality stun gun and then call the cops as you run.|||I have a Smith%26amp;Wesson U.S. Army Issue switchblade that is all titanium and it%26#039;s awesome. I carry it with me all the time. I got it at a flea market so you should look there.|||that knife ain%26#039;t going to do much when that grizzly standing on its back legs slashing the knife out of hand before u get a chance to hit that button...and even if you do get a couple stabs at it...u got to hit the right takes a 30 minutes sometimes for a bear to fall after a arrow wound...hit in a good spot....i suggest not getting a knife but a machete|||self defense?

you US%26#039;s are loons.

if you pulled a kinfe on me for any reason, even if i was mugging you, you would leave wearing it, probably in your lung. if you%26#039;re not going to shoot, then learn to play with your fists first.

that said, pig-stickin knives are the only good ones for stabbing, anything else you%26#039;re going to want to keep the blade sharp and use it to slash, good points to go for are the neck, bicep or thigh, wounds here incapacitate without leaving to severe-a wound.(unless you cut their throat going for the neck). i wouldn%26#039;t suggest a flick knife, buttefly knife or switchblade. they all rely on something mechanical to work, that bit of lint you didn%26#039;t get out of your pocket? yeah well, now it%26#039;s jammed the spring and you look like an idot holding the handle of a knife.

fixed blade or basic locking folder. but seriously.. if someone wants your a55 your little blade wont really slow them down.

if you do get a stabby knife make sure it has a HILT and BLOOD GROOVE, hilt will stop your hand slipping and taking your fingers off, blood groove makes it easier to pull out of flesh, to stick back in again.

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