Monday, May 17, 2010

How do you kill a dog in self defense with your bare hands?

If my child or I are ever attacked by a pit bull or other dog what is the best way to fight the dog?|||A pit bull has powerful jaws and uses them. If you have enough courage, you can use this to your advantage. Goad the dog into attacking your arm. Insead of pulling your hand away, make a flat fist and ram it down the dog%26#039;s throat. Maintain enough forward pressure that the dog cannot dislodge your arm and the dog will choke to death. If the dog has something in its grasp, you can grab the windpipe and squeeze it shut. If your fingers are closed around the back of the pipe, the dog will be unable to break your grip. If that doesn%26#039;t work, you might be able to force it to release its grip by closing off its nostrils.

There are other stragegies to take advantage of its vulnerability when it has something in its grip--it can%26#039;t defend itself without letting go. It will be crouching to protect its vital organs, but its entire spine will be vulnerable.

Learn to do a kick where you pivot forward from one foot while snapping the other straight from the hip to the heel. Connect with your heel directly on whatever part of the spine is easiest to hit with maximum force. If you can fracture or dislocate the spine at any point, the fight is over.

You don%26#039;t necessaily have to fight with your bare hands. Almost every environment has weapons in it. Rocks, big sticks, garden tools. Metal garbage can lids make great shields. If you can find something to cut or stab with, the lower abdomen and the throat are the best soft spots. You can quadruple the impact of your blows with a club af any sort.. anything that is hammer-like can be aimed at tbe base of the skull for an instant kill.

I hope you never have to use this. I love dogs and would hate to see one hurt. But humans come first, especially children.|||Poke the eyes of any animal and they will run|||You would want to kick the dog very hard in the nose: it is their most sensitive spot. Usually, once you%26#039;ve done this, you wouldn%26#039;t have to kill them, because they%26#039;ll scoot away in pain. When a dog is running up to attack you, simply bending down as if you%26#039;re about to make a field goal kick is often enough to intimidate a lot of dogs and make them hesitate. When you kick them, make sure you go for the nose.|||The best way to disable a dog is to grab his lower jaw and push down. Whatever you do, don%26#039;t let go.

It%26#039;s not recommended that you get into a 1 on 1 fight with any dog especially a bull terrier, Rottweiler, doberman or German shepherd. You might be better off to carry pepper spray.|||Get a dazer. It%26#039;s a tazer especially for dogs.|||It shouldn%26#039;t come to that.

If you have a dangerous dog in your neighborhood, you can carry an air horn (from a boat supply place) to scare it.

If you see a dog that looks aggressive, don%26#039;t look him in the eye, but don%26#039;t turn your back. Look at him sideways, and back away. Usually he won%26#039;t attack.

If you have a belt or something that looks like a strap, take it in your hand and wave it a little. Many aggressive dogs have been punished with a strap, and are scared of it.

If he charges you, raise your arms (to look bigger) and roar at him. This will usually stop him.

If this doesn%26#039;t work or you have no time, hold something between you and the dog (purse, sweater, whatever) and roar.

Of course, the majority of serious dog bites on the street happen when you don%26#039;t see the dog coming. If you are already bitten badly, it may be hard to respond.

If a dog bites your arm and holds on, he is an attack-trained dog. Don%26#039;t try to pull away but yell for help. Hopefully the owner will come, or at least somebody. An untrained dog bites wherever it can reach. (The owner will probably be anxious to settle; if your attack-trained dog attacks without justification, it%26#039;s a serious matter.An attack dog is trained to go for the arm because the %26quot;intruder%26quot; may be holding a weapon.)(I was attacked by an attack dog one time; the owner was distraught, and had the dog put to sleep.)

Most dogs that bite do not hold on. If the dog is biting you, hit it hard in the face and eyes and yell loudly, until it leaves. If the dog is biting your child, yell loudly and attack the dog. If you have a stick, so much the better, but if yelling and hitting or kicking doesn%26#039;t make the dog go away, attack the dog from behind and put your arm around the neck and your legs around the torso and strangle him. (I haven%26#039;t tried this, but I know dogs pretty well and it%26#039;s what I would do if I couldn%26#039;t make the dog leave my child. I think it would work.)

Notice that I advocate a lot of yelling or roaring. A loud voice impresses a dog. Usually if two strange dogs meet on neutral ground, and if they decide to be hostile, the one with the louder bark will win without a fight.|||If this is an immediate concern, then look into preventitive measures first. Make sure you know where the dog is supposed to be and get to know the people who own the dog. If it has done anything aggressive you should an animal control place so there is a paper trail. Also, learn how to read an animal%26#039;s behavior. There are usually signs that a dog is about to attack. Many mail carriers, public utility workers, people who work in neighborhoods will sometimes take a class to better learn how to defend themselves.

Keep in mind, that if it does happen, chances are that the owners could have prevented it and chose not to. This is true for pets, the owners must be willing to take responsibilty for their pets%26#039; actions.

One more thing, I have a rottweiler and will always have a rottweiler. My crusade is to show people what a well behaved dog is like regardless of breed. Any dog can have an idiot owner.|||Steel yourself. Make a fist and shove your arm straight down it%26#039;s throat. Could be a slight rabies risk. If it doesn%26#039;t kill the dog it will incapicitate it. You might sustain abraisions. I used to be a vets assistant %26amp; this is what the vet would instruct people to do if nothing else is available or other methods fail. Look for something big %26amp; heavy first for a weapon. But since you asked about bare hands i gave you my best shot.|||Don%26#039;t worry. I will rescue you. Woof woof!|||Lay in a ball on your knees and cover your head. ANd if you are with your child, do the same by covering them in your ball.

First instincts would be to kick the bone in their chest so hard! I%26#039;ve heard that can disable a dog.|||a swift kick will disable them then follow with a head stomp. in self defense a head stomp is always recommended to permanently disable the attacker. try to kick the dog in the throat or ribs. head shots are less likely, try not to use your hands or expose your face and throat. keep your child behind you and dont run or turn your back. most animals will run from you after a kick.|||1st don%26#039;t run stand your ground dominance is key if this ever happens to you. If it%26#039;s just one you can run it off by hitting it hard on the snout just above the nose. You can also jam your thumbs at the back of the dogs mouth where the jaw bones meet,with your other fingers grip it%26#039;s head and neck this keeps it from closing it%26#039;s jaws, thus unable to bite. From this point you can do many things to make the dog harmless or dead. This works on all K-9%26#039;s|||like... punch it real hard? give it a concussion or something, i don%26#039;t know. if you%26#039;re really that worried maybe you should carry a tazer or something.|||A dog does not feel pain like a human, so you have to really injure it.

The best thing is to go for the head. Eyes and nose are %26#039;soft%26#039; parts that cause a lot of pain. You might try choking the dog, although many dogs have a thick flap of skin on their neck to protect them.

I successfully fought off a dog by grabbing it%26#039;s throat in my right, and hitting repeatedly on the head with my left. (I didn%26#039;t instigate the fight, I was jogging and she attacked me). This kind of tactic is usually successful, but bear in mind that you will be bit and scratched be teeth, and it will hurt like hell.|||if I tell you, someone will give me a violation of email.|||If this is a serious attack and no other way out the only defence is to jab a sharp stick into the dogs privates. Unpleasant, but in all other areas any strong, muscular dog will outclass you. A riskier tactic is to put the stick through the dog%26#039;s collar and twist it to cut off its air supply - gives you more control, but you%26#039;re at risk of being overpowered near the teeth. In the beginning if you feel a situation may happen, keep your hands tucked in close to your body and avoid eye contact. Dogs will normally attack because they are fearful or wound up, not for fun.|||Since you said bare hands, remember dogs have one weapon, their teeth. You have two hands (two arms) and you would have to let the dog bite onto one arm so you could use the other hand to grab it%26#039;s throat. A big dog can eat your fingers like pretzel sticks so stay clear with fingers. After the dog bites onto your arm, grab his throat with your free hand and lift it into the air and bring it down on it%26#039;s side dropping onto it%26#039;s ribs with your knee. This will break a rib, force the air out of it%26#039;s lungs and allow you to complete the choke. You will have to take a bite to get to it%26#039;s throat. Good luck.|||I heard the best way to kill a dog is kick them in the throat as hard as you can. If you%26#039;re lucky, the dog will be growling with it%26#039;s tongue out and kicking straight up will make %26quot;Cujo%26quot; bite his own tongue off.|||With a pitbull, I%26#039;d probably kick it in the ribs and stomach...hard.|||choke them. why did you make an extra effort to mention pitbulls? Why not just ask how you can you defend yourself against a dog attack.|||honestly, grab its back legs and try your hardest to lift them. if you cant get to its back legs, lay out the ground curled in a ball with your back to the air so theirs less places for him to bite you.


  1. Once saw a woman stop a half ton cow in its tracks when it was attacking her she put one hand on its horn and with the other went for the nose! It stopped instantly with over one pint of mucous streaming from its nose, She either punched it or put fingers in the nostrils? Well it worked! Are dogs noses as sensitive?

    1. Better option would be tearing it's eyes out, lad.

  2. I killed a pit bull with my hands. I was 29 yrs old, 250lbs, 6' tall and i am very strong. I had a black tank top and kakhi slacks on with some rock ports casual mid cut boots. A leather belt. I was surprised as it lunged out of no where i just moved so fast in immediate shock. It almost took my neck off. I jumped at it. It moved away but didnt run away. It wasnt going to let me go. I was stuck by the dumpster and the building. It jumped again on me. I put my arm out and caught the neck and slammed it on the building. It scratched my tank top to shreds. I like animals by the way. I was scratched to hell bleeding from my stomach from the claws. It made the weirdest noises, like some possessed gremlin or something. I choked it with my forearm while i pushed my foot against the dumpster, i know it sounds bad, i pulled its eye out. Then grabbed its neck slipped the other arm in the same position and squeezed really hard. I know i broke the windpipe. Something was sticking my hand. I had served five years and although i am a very calm guy i was gone in my mind whenever violence occurred. I just dont have guns or weapons anymore and i dont allow them in my house. In fact i dont like hurting people. I try to stay away from that. Before i shot stray dogs all the time, but now the area is more developed we have animal control. Its the people on the city county line with dogs they cant maintain. Those pets run away to the woods and become wild and dangerous. Two children died months later from stray pitbulls with incompotent owners. It was a common problem here. So after that i had killed another one attacking my friend but i used a shovel and my dog a hungarian shepard. I really dont like pit bulls but its not good to kill any dog or cat, killing cats is sick, unless they are rabbid. Its really the lazy owners who arent worth a damn who are to blame. If you live in a one bedroom apartment you cant take care of three pitbulls, and you cant keep breeding the same litter.

    1. Your story sounds like bull kiddo, it's funny that all of us guys are 6' 250lbs LMAO 😂 ,

  3. You need a break stick to unlock pit bulls jaw and the like. There is a video online that might save you, your dog or your child.

  4. The reason the blogger is singling out pitbulls is because they are the most powerful and dangerous animals now prevalent in residential areas as every idiot and their mom now thinks they are cool and tough enough to raise one. These animals were bred to subdue large animals(bulls) and don't belong in the hands of the general public any more than mountain lions do. If every person that owns and breeds them were responsible and trained handlers it would be fine. The animals are not inherently evil or anything...but the reality is that most people in the general population are not at all equipped nor prepared to restrain a pitbull if it goes rogue. More than a few owners and breeders also keep them in conditions that will cause any animal to go rogue. Physically without tools, humans are nowhere near the top of the food chain by any means. Because of their physique and high maintenance These animals should be zoned as rural pets if at all.

  5. YOU may be a good responsible and capable owner but the problem is if society has to let you test your mettle with these animals it also has to let the asshole down the street raise and breed them irresponsibly until he fails. In the mean time someone and or the animal could be killed in the process all just to satisfy this trending demand of everyone wanting to claim the distinction of being known as a bad ass pit bull owner.