Friday, May 21, 2010

What is your favorite self defense firearm?

Remington 870 series 12 gauge shotgun with buckshot.|||I use a police issued firearm

Smith %26amp; wesson 5906|||If I wanted one for home defense it would be a 20g. shotgun (easier to handle than a 12g. so your wife or kids could easily use it if necessary)

a weapon like that is more than enough.

big guns are silly - it%26#039;s the guy who gets off the 1st good shot that wins.

my favorite (only) firearm is my bolt action Karabiner 98K Mauser

(passed down from my Grandfather to my Father to myself)

It%26#039;s a pain in the @ss to keep clean but my 40+ year old ammunition works just fine (I have boxes and boxes)

and at less than 50 yards it will cut through the finest modern body armor like a hot knife through butter (so I%26#039;ve been told).|||.357 Magnum|||Colt 1911 .45 ACP|||S %26amp; W .40 cal. good balance of take down and manuverability.|||80cm %26#039;Gustav%26#039;|||I carry a Colt Commander .45 ACP. With Glaser Safety Slugs that penetrate then explode. Protection you can count on.|||She%26#039;s still in theory right now. My husband is going to get her for me either after we have our first child or our 5 year anniversary, which ever comes first. I plan on an M1911 with some modifications on furniture. I don%26#039;t care too much for my husband%26#039;s Glock because of how it looks, but he likes it.

I went to a gun store and the guy shows me this (no joke) pink little thing. Then tells me that I can unload it into someone trying to attack me and it wouldn%26#039;t really take him out, but that I could handle the recoil and it was a pretty color.|||.44 and .357 will blow out your ear drums if you have to use it in a small space. I would never want to take a chance with a semi auto so in my opinion a Colt .45 revolver that uses acp rounds. Reliability and a quick reload if you have an additional clip. 1 shot should even take someone on PCP down. In the house I have heard nothing is better than a shotgun.. you don%26#039;t have to be accurate and the sound of loading a shell should deter anyone with half a brain.|||The most stopping power...remember, if someone is attacking you and lives to lie about it, lots of money to continue protecting you from her/him (plus we tax payers gotta pick up the tab too).|||44 mag with hollow points for stopping power.|||a sig sauer p226 (9mm), a kimber custom tle 2 (.45) or a remington model 870 marine magnum (12 guage).|||12 guage shotgun worked for that guy in Texas.|||Personal nuclear missile. Don%26#039;t tell me I can%26#039;t have one-- the Supreme Court says I have a right to bear arms! If I misuse it, then put me in prison!

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