Monday, May 17, 2010

What's the safest product you can buy for home self defense when you have a small child in the home?

A few hours ago someone tried to break into my house. I have a 21 month old son and I%26#039;m afraid if I buy a taser or gun that it would be more of a risk to him then not having anything at all. What should I buy to protect us, but is also safe to have around kids.|||Use a dead bolt and a door wedge or bar to keep criminals out of your home. Crime prevention needs to become a habit.

The best defense is a good offense.|||An alarm system that calls the police.|||Donald is right, 357 Magnum is the way to go;)|||A gun. A dog can be easily drugged or killed. A bat is plain stupid. He has to get right next to you to even be able to hit him, you might as well swing your purse at him. A security system sounds the alarm and when the police get there it is to clean up the crime scene. Before buying a gun be sure you learn how to use it.|||Home protection like ADT, or the other one where you wear a necklace with a contact pa-nice code to press!|||well, there are a few things...

1. a bat ( I know sounds bad but at least it is something) there is one in production that is a table that you can lift the top and use it as a sheild and the stem the top sits on is a bat...

2. get the alarm stickers at home depo, you are less likely to get broken into if you have stickers showing you have an alarm|||A gun that only you know where it is, and would be easy to access should something happen. Definitely a gun safe, and/or gun locks. Don%26#039;t be afraid to buy a gun, it%26#039;s you that has to be responsible enough to keep it safe from your child. Good Luck!|||tirgas is the safest and with the help in you neighbors!!!!|||i have a set of samauri swoards on top of the frige as well as a steel bar under my bed|||If you are an animal lover get a dog. Invest in good quality lockset and there are lights you can install when someone enters a area outside a light comes on. I hope that you informed the police. Hair spray can be used like pepper spray. Hang in there. You must be really scared.|||a security alarm, one that makes the loudest noise.|||a dog, an alarm system, pepper spray kept somewhere your child couldn%26#039;t get it|||A loud alarm system, a baseball bat, pepper spray with a cover thingy so you have to pull the safety thing out to use it, a Dog, Umm.... And a bunch of rings on your fingers just incase. (or a husband/boyfriend)|||A 357 Magnum. Learn how to use it. Learn how to store it. When your children are old enough, teach them to respect it. A properly stored gun never killed anyone accidentally. It%26#039;s your home and your family%26#039;s safety.|||A husband, he%26#039;s going to be expense but worth the cost. The taser or gun will not be a risk if you take a gun safety class before getting one.

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