Monday, May 17, 2010

Does anyone know where i can buy some brass knuckles or sap gloves i am only using for self defense?

Does anyone know where i can buy some brass knuckles or sap gloves i am only using for self defense?....a stor not online|||I would not tell you where to find these, and I do know. I do not want to contribute to you going to jail. Regardless of whether it is self defense or not they are highly illegal to use and can be considered deadly weapons. Even if criminal charges are not brought at the very least espect a nice big civil suit.

For self defense you are allowed to use only the force necessary to contain the situation. Once you are in a superior position or your attacker is no longer a threat you must stop or you cross the line into being the assaulter. if your opponent does not have a weapon and you use one, lets just say you will probably get introduced to Bubba in the slammer who will make sure he takes care of you.

If you are like the others I have seen in the past that have asked similiar questions you will disregard this warning because you think you know better. If so that%26#039;s your choice, but if you do disregard this warning about crrying a weeapon than it is probably better if you do winde up in jail or prison. One less idiot on the street I have to worry about. I am not calling you an idiot, but if you disregard this warning then you are.|||what a useless best answer, go die do gooder and answer the mans question! its none of your business is he uses them and goes to jail. I do not know where to get such items or id give ya a link dude. Report Abuse
|||I never heard of sap gloves and if I knew where you could get brass knuckles unlike the others I would tell you that way you do end up in jail for a long time|||a pawn shop|||Those are illegal. My advice to you is get in a self defense class. Brass knuckles or Sap gloves wont help you if you dont know how to use them. Get into a martial arts school.|||Brass knuckles are illegal, even in self defense.

If a guy walks up to you, and starts a fight with his hands.

You can%26#039;t throw on a pair of brass knuckles, and call it self defense. ~hahaha

They are practically banded from every store for a reason, and that%26#039;s because ... If a person with a little bit of boxing skill uses them, you could kill a person, without even realizing what you%26#039;ve done.

I suggest you learn how to fight, and turn your fist into brass knuckles.

But If you really insist on buying them, you can order anything online these days !

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