Monday, May 17, 2010

What is your best personal self defense items you carry with you. Have you ever had to use it. How & when?

I am writing an ebook and would like your help. I would like to included your information in this book hey who knows your could become world wide. Thanks for your help the more information the better.|||My street smarts. Born and raised in the Bronx. I am no pushover.

Beaware of your surroundings.

Walk with a purpose, but not to close to the buildings.

Look forward but keep your eyes moving.

If what%26#039;s ahead gives you the willies then change directions.

park under a light. Have keys in hand making sure one key, with sharp point is facing outward. Great weapon.

Stomp on instep and knee into crotch.|||Besides some basic martial arts training I received in the forces,I carry a 600,000 volt stun gun and military grade pepper spray.These items are illegal in Canada so I reserve them for true life or death situations such as if the assailant is armed.Your life is precious and you only get one so do what you have to do.|||poop on a stick-- no one wants to touch poop or even get near it-- just walk with the stick outstretched and poop on the end of the stick away from your body-- point it anyway and people scatter

(i don%26#039;t carry any type of self defense item with me-- i have a couple guns at home, but i have a quick temper, so its safer to leave them put)|||im a high ranked military officer and i am licenced to carry a sub-machine gun and if there are shootings or anything like it i can pull it out to combat the targeted enemy. i had to use it once but the government wants me to keep my mouth shut about what happened. it didnt get on the news. they kept it on the dL|||My brain,I use it to avoid those situations or to escape them.Then next,my legs,i don%26#039;t think there is any shame in running away from a possible injurious situation,there are to many psycho%26#039;s out there with knives and one king hit can kill a person,I don%26#039;t want to die or have a death on my conscience.

Failing all of that,my fists which I would use to pummel in the head of my attacker (well he started it)|||I carried a knife a few times but i never had to use it. It%26#039;s been a long time since i%26#039;ve carried one. I doubt that i would even want to use it if some guy with a gun asked me for my wallet. I%26#039;d just give it to him. I wouldn%26#039;t want to risk my life nor hurt anybody.|||i always keep a hand grenade on me at all times. i feel it is the best and most effective way to stay safe in the dark hours of the night.|||my 380. i have a permit to carry as i carry alot of cash in my work.

never had to use. most people don%26#039;t know i even have $5 on me.|||The best weapon one can carry is the mind. With a good sharp mind one can defeat armies. But it doesn%26#039;t hurt to have a big stick handy at times. Still my mind is my best weapon.|||my vocal cords I did use them when I was a teen and a man tried to drag me into a dark corner behind a bunch of stores. I let out a blood-curdling scream, he let go and I ran.|||My purse. I carry a lot of stuff in it so it makes for a good weapon. I used it just yesterday to slap my brother who was being rude.|||awareness, preparation, sobriety, and quick thinking to name a few...|||nothing really just the statistic i have in my head that if i was wllking down a dark street and mugged odds are id probably be leaving in better shape then them... 60/40|||9MM Ruger. I have a concealed carry licence.|||My fists. I hav to put people in their place when they say **** and i need to backup my frends or ppl who need someone to stand up for them.|||Situational awareness and intelligence!|||My COMEBACKS!!!|||Awareness - I use it all the time.|||3%26quot; pocket knife red never used it|||MY FOOT|||Salt and pepper? lol. Havn%26#039;t tryed it but I heard it is good to carry around.|||A stun gun. I am too tired to tell you so e- me and i%26#039;ll explain|||self made taser that will hurt if someone tries to hurt me|||mace, haven%26#039;t used it yet.|||a rubber band. I snap people when they annoy me.

A GUN. jk.|||My best was an M16. I used it a lot in Iraq. It worked fine.|||a nail file....|||my keys which i can use has brace knuckles to make it hurt more , and i havent used it yet besides opening my home door :P|||My Fists,

never.|||My razor sharp wit.

Arf!|||I carry my two 16%26quot; guns on me at all times.

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  1. The best self defense no matter how physically capable you are is pepper spray. It disables the assailant for up to 40 minutes giving you time to get away. Police have stated they would rather be tased than pepper sprayed because the effects or so bad and take so long to get over. Spraying your attacker can prevent you from having to get into any kind of physical confrontation in the first place.
    And, unlike a gun or knife, you don't have to worry about facing murder charges yourself, if you made a bad judgment call. We are dedicated to empowering everyone, especially women, to stop violent crimes. Mpowered2B safe, wise and protected!