Friday, May 21, 2010

If an 18 years old hit me and im 17 and i hit her back in self defense would she go to jail? live in georgia?

ok if me and a girl thats 18 got into an argument and she hit me first and i hit her back in self defense would she go to jail..if so for how long? and im 17 so im a minor. and i live in georgia if that helps.|||It is NOT self defense if you choose to hit her back, you are both guilty of assault and both can be arrested. At 17 you are NOT a minor and would be charged as an adult. |||You can file assault on her but she can do the same with you. When it goes in front of a judge they will make the call. You can still be charged as an adult, even if you are 17. The judge will look at the circumstances but I would not chance it. Self defense is if there was no way at all to protect yourself. (the judge might say that you could have ran and if your are a male I am almost positive that the judge will not see it your way)|||no, at 17 you are not a minor, you can be charged as an adult. and it is not automatically self defense if you hit her back, sometimes it is revenge unless you had no other option such as run away|||press charges and see

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