Friday, May 21, 2010

What is the best form of martial arts for self defense, discipline, and exercise?

Just wondering. I am trying to lose weight and when I lose it I would like to start some sort of martial arts. Please list the pros and cons of each 1 please, if you don%26#039;t mind. I want to pick the one that will be the most beneficial throughout my life.

Thanks.|||Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Judo are all good. One big factor is whether there is a good school near you. You should check out the schools, see some classes in progress, and see if the teachers are quality people. Then decide...|||Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art that combines karate, tang soo do, judo, jujutsu, kenpo and kung fu. It was founded in 1947 in Oahu, Hawaii, at the Palama Settlements. The original purpose of the art was to deal with local crime, and to help the people defend themselves from U.S. Navy sailors who would drink and start fights. The founders were Sijo (%26quot;founder%26quot;) Adriano Emperado, Peter Young Yil Choo, Joe Holck, Frank Ordonez, and Clarence Chang, who called themselves the Black Belt Society.

Kajukenbo uses hard, fast strikes to vital points throughout the body, takedowns involving high impact throws and many joint and limb destruction techniques--usually as follow-ups to takedowns. There are also many blocks from attacks such as punches and defenses and disarmament of offensive weapons.

The name works in two ways: %26quot;ka%26quot; (%26quot;long life%26quot;), %26quot;ju%26quot; (%26quot;happiness%26quot;), %26quot;ken%26quot; (%26quot;fist%26quot;), %26quot;bo%26quot; (%26quot;style%26quot;) or %26quot;ka%26quot; (%26quot;karate%26quot;), %26quot;ju%26quot; (%26quot;judo%26quot;/%26quot;jujutsu%26quot;), %26quot;ken%26quot; (%26quot;kenpo%26quot;), %26quot;bo%26quot; (Chinese Boxing Kung Fu), leading to the art%26#039;s philosophical meaning: %26quot;Through this fist style, one gains long life and happiness.%26quot;

Please look it up you%26#039;ll be glad you did.|||For your situation i think you need something that is simple...yet complex. requires minimal time with maximum results. I recommend Krav Maga, Yoga and some meditation.|||The best Defense period would be a firearm. Get your CCW License and hit the gun range:)|||judo

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