Friday, May 21, 2010

What are some misconceptions you've heard of regarding Martial Arts/self-defense?

Yes, I%26#039;m asking this question again... and again, thanks to all the people who answered before.

I%26#039;m doing an essay called %26quot;Black Belt Myths%26quot; and I already have a few ideas but I would like to get some input from other martial artists. (non-martial artists are always welcome to answer, too.)

I got a lot of answers regarding BB%26#039;s, so I%26#039;d like to hear some more about martial arts in general and fighitng/self-defense as well.

So far, the ones I%26#039;ve got down are:

-Being a BB makes you invincible.

-The sole purpose of martial arts is to transform you into a killing machine.

-___________ is the best martial art ever invented.

-___________ is better/crappier than ___________.

and the best one of all....

-Upon becoming a BB, you must get your hands registered as a lethal weapon.

If you have another point to make about martial arts misconceptions that I didn%26#039;t mention here, feel free to include that in your answer too.

Thanks.|||The biggest myth about martial arts I%26#039;ve heard and have to correct non martial artists is when you become a black belt you%26#039;re finished with your martial arts training.|||Myth 1. Getting your Black Belt means you turn into the perfect Fighter (Randy C blended with Bruce Lee)

Myth 2. You can knock an attacker out from 10 feet away without touching them.

Myth 3. you can jump 20ft in the air and land on your attackers head.

Need i go on??? There%26#039;s alot of them out there.

Additionally, i would avoid making statements like %26quot;_____is the best martial art ever invented.%26quot; These is no one single martial art better than another, it%26#039;s the student that interprets what he/she has been taught|||Being a white belt automatically makes you a better fighter than any street thug.|||A Smart Person

Good To See

That Black Belts Can Dodge Incoming Bullets

I believe below rtyew intended to say Black Belt.

He is Correct amundo

but why not try to be your best prepared

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