Friday, May 21, 2010

How can I practice by myself to teach myself self defense?

I am having trouble with other people and bigger people messing with me when I%26#039;m on the streets and i%26#039;m getting tired of it, and would like to know how to protect myself. I cant afford any expensive classes or people to teach me, but i%26#039;m dedicated and will do any thing that I need to do, in order to teach myself. So any advice would be good.|||Well, while I don%26#039;t advocate that people can easily learn self defense by themselves, if you must here are some tips:

Buy a manual or series of dvd instructional series.

Get a jump rope, a full length mirror, and a punching/heavy bag.

Get in and stay in shape

Practice the techniques you learn in the dvd/books in the mirror and on the bag

Focus on learning the techniques properly--this is a must

This is stuff I do by myself to supplement training. However, I fully recommend that you look for other sources.

There are places that offer free/cheap instruction, try the following:


-Local parks and city activity programs

-Your local city/cities activiy director

Often communites have free classes they offer to locals.

Also, you can always talk to a local martial arts instructor and explain your situation and that you can%26#039;t afford a high price. Many are flexible and will work with you.

I wrote an article on choosing a school that may help you:

Hope this helps! Train hard!|||It is possible to learn basic self defense for the most common attack situations on your own, you just need the proper learning system and discipline. Keep in mind you are not training how to be a pro fighter, but simply learning a few techniques that will stun/distract your attacker while you get away.

Know that you are not going to learn any fancy Jason bourne moves on disarming a man with a gun, or fighting a guy with a pen.

Also, being in shape and having good endurance and cardio will benefit you far more greatly than knowing some fancy, well-marketed %26quot;self defense secrets%26quot;.

There are many self defense systems on DVD right now, you need to do your research and determine which is the most simplistic, realistic systems for what you need.

You also need a dedicated friend to train with. You need to put in enough hours a week to actually ABSORB the system.

Good luck.|||Well i would say train yourself in endurance, strength, speed, and smarts, I say smarts because if you have the speed and you are smart enough, it doesnt matter if they are 6 foot 300 pounds and your 5,7 175 pounds, you will be able to defend yourself, first learn, you dot have to fight if you can get away without fighting do so, if you can then learn how to control yourself, dont let anger overcome you, be smart about how you fight

I know Krav Maga, its an Israeli self-defense, i want to show you this guy, he is 5,5, 150 pounds, no one can touch him, his name is Haim Gidon, look at his speed, and understand what i mean when i say size doesnt matter -(the older guy, the younger guy is his son);f...

YouTube - Grand Master Haim Gidon Of The Israeli Krav Maga|||um there are some places that do that for free or go to a do jang take some free classes just say your trying out or get a video i gues? and try slowly with a partner but yea some places only cost about 50 bucks a year for donation and i goes to a good cause so ya|||There are basic kicks, punches, and blocks that you can learn, and maybe a friend can help you practice them.

When I took a class at our church, the local police department came in and did it for free. May be something to look into!

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