Friday, May 21, 2010

What are some pressure points that could be used as self defense?

I have been searching the internet for pressure point areas but can not find anything on them except about the eyes, throat, nose, stomach, and groin. I%26#039;m writing a fan fiction and could use this information for it. So does anyone know of any pressure point areas that could knock you out, inflict a considerable ammount of pain, or cause temporary poralisis?|||i don%26#039;t know about a pressure point, the if you poke someone right at the base of the neck between the clavicles it will take the breath out of them in a hurry. just feel it on yourself, apply slight pressure and you will feel where i%26#039;m talking about|||You mean temporary %26quot;paralysis?%26quot; And %26quot;amount.%26quot;

As a writer, you need to know how to spell.|||Hitting someone hard in their windpipe can make them throw up and even die.|||Have you considered the val kin grip. The one Spoke use when grabs a person between the neck and shoulder.

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