Saturday, May 15, 2010

Has anybody ever been convicted of murder even though it was self defense?

as my question states... does anybody know of anybody that was convicted of murder even though they claimed it was self defense? if so, what was the case? more specifically, do you think its possible for a girl to claim self defense yet still be convicted for murder? like say the girl claims the guy was about to rape her... and stabbed him nine times with a knife, then fled in fear. do you think she could be convicted?

this is just a little research for a story im writing. thanks in advance for your answers!|||i went to prison for murder 2nd and i never killed anybody

all i did was trip a guy to keep him from running and my brother shot him ,,and the bad part is i got life but got out on parole after 18.5 and my bro got 100 years and got out on parole after 15 years tell me how screwed up is that|||Women have been convicted for self-defense. I think a woman was exonerated in Texas for killing a man. It was a really long time ago. He was going to rape her and she shot him. He was a mean sum-*****.

I don%26#039;t think Texas would let off a woman who stabbed a guy 9 times. He would%26#039;ve had to rape her children and when found out, he would have half beat her dead, even then I%26#039;m not sure she would be let off. You can be pissed, pull a trigger and shoot someone in the heart. He%26#039;s dead.

Stabbing is intentional and hateful. A woman wants to kill a man, if she stabs him 9 times. She wasn%26#039;t scared, she was angry. When it becomes physical, it%26#039;s about anger.

|||Yes, it%26#039;s called involuntary murder. Just google it and many cases of it will come up.|||WOW!!!!!! STORY MY stabbed a guy on purpose didnt you. you dirty littly girl

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