Saturday, May 15, 2010

Have any Capoeira practitioners here ever used the art in self defense?

Id like to try and settle the debate on whether this is an effective form of self defense|||You will get many different answers from many different people with many different opinions. Overall, it depends on the person, not the style.

I don%26#039;t think i can handle a capoerista kick coming at me.|||I took a Capoeira seminar, but train primarily in other martial arts, predominantly karate. I have fought Capoeira students and from that perspective I would say it%26#039;s not effective at all, as I would have thought. Any training is better than no training, and I%26#039;d say it will definitely give you an edge in a self defense situation. However, if you get in a fight for some reason with someone else who trains I think you%26#039;re more likely to get hurt trying Capoeira moves than just standing up and throwing typical %26quot;street punches%26quot;.|||kinda i have used some things in sparring outside of capoeira.

like dodgeing below kicks and sweeps and also a spinning kick but i cant remember all the names because i didnt do capoeira for very long(only about 3 or 4 months because the school moved to far away for me). it works reasonably well if you can do ti fast and you have very good timeing, i think i was partially lucky with my timing but also no one was really expecting it.|||I haven%26#039;t used it myself but I%26#039;ve seen footage of my teacher during vale tudo fights, and he truly kicked his oppnents butt.

the problem with the perception of capoeira is that most people know it only from the shows they see in the street.

In class you are taught how to give proper kicks even to use strikes and headbutts, you train sweeps and body tackles. In Brazil training is usually a lot less friendly and often you risk a few good kicks if you are not careful.

the fundamental truth is the same as with most martial arts. if you train realistically you will be able to use it realistically

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