Saturday, May 15, 2010

What does "Grab, Squeeze, Pull" mean in Women's Self Defense?

I never took a self defense course, but I heard this is a method taught.|||I believe it%26#039;s when you grab the upper thigh or arm between elbow and armpit.|||Most likely grab the assailant%26#039;s arm, squeeze hard, and pull in to strike them/lock them I would assume. I don%26#039;t know either, but that seems logical from my knowledge of Krav Maga which is similar mechanics.

Edit: I assume the genital strike is the more appropriate one then, seeing as the girls who%26#039;ve taken the classes know this. But I don%26#039;t understand the logic behind that. A simple strike to the nuts is much more simpler and easier then grabbing, squeezing, and pulling.|||..grab his nuts. squeeze. and pull them.

lol. i had self defense class in pe(school makes us)|||I took a human sexuality class. I actually believe it refers to a guy%26#039;s balls. If he%26#039;s trying to rape you. If you grab, squeeze, and pull, it%26#039;s supposed to knock the guy out.

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