Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can we start shooting rude smokers and claim self defense?

Look, I have no problem with smokers doing what they want to their own bodies when it doesn%26#039;t affect me... but I%26#039;m talking about the ones that are rude... the ones who come in smoking at a restaurant that doesn%26#039;t allow smoking... the ones who crowd in a circle around the only entrance to the building... the ones who stand in the hallway of the apartment so the smoke comes into people%26#039;s homes...

You can claim self defense if faced with deadly force and it%26#039;s an imminent threat... It is deadly: we know secondhand smoke will kill you. And I argue it is imminent because... I may not be about to die, and it does take a while for cancer to develop... but you never know which cigarette will trigger the cancer. This rude guy sitting next to me and waving his cigarette in my face... that might be the last straw... so it%26#039;s imminent because any given smoker could be the one that kills me... ... shouldn%26#039;t I have the opportunity to kill them first??|||The problem with your argument is that a little bit of second hand smoke isn%26#039;t going to kill you. It%26#039;s only after years and years of accumulation that it might kill you. Also, there%26#039;s no guarantee that you%26#039;re going to get cancer. Second hand smoke increases your chance of getting cancer, but it doesn%26#039;t guarantee that you%26#039;ll get cancer. So self-defense isn%26#039;t going to work. Also, I think self-defense is only applicable when you are in imminent danger, such as somebody pulling a gun on you or attempting to run you over with a car.

I know most work places have a designated smoking area, far away from the entrance and high traffic area. So, if he%26#039;s not smoking there, tell him to smoke there.

If the guy keeps waving his cigarette in your face, take the cigarette and stomp all over it. That should teach him a lesson, especially since they%26#039;re so expensive.|||Better, not bitter.|||I wish we could.

I wish there was no smoking on the planet earth.

I watch my dad who is 77. He%26#039;s had several mini strokes, but will he give up cigarettes? Nope. My stepmother makes him go outside to smoke, and when he was able to walk, he would walk out to the back patio, and then barely be able to stagger back in after %26quot;enjoying%26quot; his smoke. Now he can%26#039;t even walk anymore, and he still can%26#039;t/won%26#039;t give it up. He has been smoking since he was 13 years old.|||But... if I was a smoker, shouldn%26#039;t I have a right to kill you, knowing you might kill me, for me smoking my cigarette?|||Using your logic,then I as an allergy sufferer should be able to shoot anyone that wears perfume,after shave,powder,etc in public because that causes an imminent threat to me. People who wear these things in public are infringing on my rights to have an allergy free meal.

Where would it stop?|||Hey, if I%26#039;m on the jury that hears your case, you%26#039;ll be found Not Guilty before Dinner!

I like your logic. I run smoking cessation groups and I invariably talk about how rude smokers are. Most folks are really puzzled; they think the smoke smells really good and think they are sharing a good thing with us. After they quit they always admit--yeah, that smell is awful! Sorry we did that to other people!|||well then i guess everyone that smokes should start killing all the non smokers so they dont get a chance to kill the smokers are stupid and your argument is that of a 2 year old that cant speak|||I actually have a edition of John Stuart%26#039;s Mill%26#039;s %26#039;On Liberty%26#039; in which the introduction looks to apply Mill%26#039;s concepts of liberty upon modern day situations. One thing Mill says is that anyone can do anything to (damage) their own welfare as long as they don%26#039;t harm others. The introduction brings up the example about smoking, if Mill would really understand about something such as smoking, and hypothesizes that Mill would%26#039;ve said it was okay to inhale but not exhale. Anyway%26#039;s about what you said (if you%26#039;re serious) no. Because the fact that there is no direct link between smoking- cancer - death. It%26#039;s not like: I shoot you, you die. It%26#039;s more like a secondary cause where the smoke first builds up (which may lead to cancer which possibly could lead to death).

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