Saturday, May 15, 2010

My boyfriend just told me he accidently killed a man in self-defense?

I don%26#039;t know what to do say or feel. I%26#039;ve been going out with him for two months, it%26#039;s so hard to think now that the hands that hold me and love me have made another human%26#039;s heart stop beating. It was in self-defense and he wasn%26#039;t charged or anything, he was innocent. I just don%26#039;t know what to do. I%26#039;m glad he told me but I just never expected it. What should I do?|||You accept it and move on. Think about if he didn%26#039;t do that then he wouldn%26#039;t be there to hold you now. It took a lot of guts to admit that to you. I%26#039;m sure it was not easy to tell you that since it could scare you away. |||umm..two months you have been going out and he is your steady bf? thats your first mistake. You barely know the guy.

2nd, he is wrong. He would have been arrested and charged with the death and then acquited or had the charges dropped. The police have to charge him with something, he killed someone. There has got to be a police record of the event and the dismissal of the charges. If you are concerned ask him where and get the records. If there are no records then either he is lying or he%26#039;s never been approached by the police over it..../|||I%26#039;d be glad he could be counted on in a pinch.

Self defense means he didnt want to do it, he had to do it. You say he wasnt charged, so the law seen it as a %26quot;had to%26quot; situation as well. Maybe you should too. It doesnt mean he has no regard for life, he obviously had plenty of regard to stay alive in the situation, It was probably traumatic for him. I can see your shock, though.|||while i don%26#039;t condone going around senselessly killing people, if it came down to someone trying to kill me, i%26#039;d do whatever it took to get them off of me. He was protecting himself. If he hadn%26#039;t he may not be there with you right now.

i think, as long as you know the whole story and that%26#039;s not his true nature, you just set it aside.

however, if you have any doubts in your mind about the story, then you should move on.|||Respect him for his open honesty. If it was in self defense, than it wasn%26#039;t a situation that he intentionally put himself into. If he didn%26#039;t do what he did, you may not have him to hold today! Be proud of being with a strong, honest man. |||You should be proud of your man. Both for his ability to defend himself, and his honesty with you. He didn%26#039;t do anything wrong. Remember, it%26#039;s got to be traumatic for him too. He%26#039;ll need your support in a special way right now. Don%26#039;t fail him.|||evaluate how you feel about it. Can you feel comfortable with him, knowing that? can you forgive him for it? do you really want to be with him? Think hard about it and make a decision.|||jees you weren%26#039;t dating me were ya

at the moment all he needs is someone who will stand by him if everyone else is wary of him then he%26#039;ll feel left out

look he%26#039;s no different than anyone else

i%26#039;m sure you wouldn%26#039;t give him reason to hurt you.

|||Was it reported to the law and if it wasnt be very careful about him showing violent tendencies towards you- if he does get out immediately|||If it was truly in self defense, who would you rather have alive today - your boyfriend, or the guy who was trying to kill him? |||If he hadn%26#039;t protected himself then his hands wouldn%26#039;t have been holding you.|||It%26#039;s normal to be upset. Just think about it, and see if you can get past this, or not. |||Don%26#039;t try attacking him.|||is has obviously been through alot ...and to lose someone he loves and care about just because he saved his own life...that would be the worst thing you could do to him...|||Now you know that he can protect you and also i agree with lady147 and lyn A...|||Be open to what he has to say.

Dont judge him...

|||I wouldn%26#039;t attack him if I were you.|||in a way you shouldnt worry.... least you know he can protect you!!!|||~ I agree completly with Lyn A.~

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