Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can you seriously call this self defense?

All I did was just push a girl, and she came back and punched me in the face. I asked what the hell she did that for, and she said that she was using self defense because I attacked her first. Really? A push is attacking somebody? I mean if I wanted to attack her, I would have just punched her. So if somebody gives you a simple push, you can slug them back and say you did it for self defense? I should have punched her back in my own self defense, but she kind of hurt me so I left.|||I think a punch was uncalled for, if anything she should have just shoved you back like you did to her. That%26#039;s a rediculous excuse on her part. I really think you brought it on yourself though, you shouldn%26#039;t have touched her period.|||Pushing someone is an act of violence. You were bullying her and she reacted in a way to stop it. Are you bigger than her? Did she do what she had to do to get you to stop? It seems like she did. You, my dear, asked for what you got. Don%26#039;t go around pushing people and expect them to just take it, you%26#039;ll get punched in the face.|||well it depends how you pushed her .

if it was un porpose ; and yuh gave her some attitude while doing it . then yeahh i would have done the same thing . i would have thought %26quot; this girl jus pushed me, so i better defend myself before she does some other crap %26quot;

and if it was unintentional : then yuh shoulda punched the skank back . %26gt;:D

[ hate this type of drama ]|||That%26#039;s kind of stupid for punching someone as a violence. Self defense is only used when someone is harassing, not for violence. Obviously, that girl has no right to punch your face.|||I heard it hurts a lot if you punch in the boob.|||She%26#039;s just stupid. Honestly pushing? Get real whoever pushed you. She just has a spaz attack XP

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