Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does anybody know anything about the new self defense laws in Arkansas?

I heard this morning about a new law for self defense in Arkansas. The tv news did not get real detailed in their report.

They said something about no longer have to retreat from someone when they are in your yard.

Would that mean any property? What are the details?|||It is not a big change. The law now states that you have a right to defend yourself when you are in your own home or business or on your own property and someone tries to enter or to remove you from that property. The person must be a non-resident of the property or be in violation of a restraining order if they are a resident. The old law said you must first %26quot;retreat%26quot; and make every effort to get away before using deadly force. This new law takes away that restriction. That is why it is nicknamed the%26quot;stand your ground%26quot; law.

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