Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you really trust other Americans who would deny your right to self defense with a firearm?

Who are those anti self- defense Americans REALLY working for?|||I have a friend that recently used a gun to protect herself. Did she shoot the guy? NO. She didn%26#039;t have to.

Someone knocked on her door in the daytime. She opened it and the guy was friendly enough. He wanted to know if he could hunt for mushrooms behind her house. She said yes. She went to get something for him to mark the spots where he found them so if she went later she could find them easier.

He came up behind her and grabbed her arm. She spun away from him and ran down the stairs to her basement. She could hear him running after her. As he came up on her she pulled out her gun and aimed it at him. He abruptly stopped and said he didn%26#039;t want trouble and left.

What would have happened if she had not had a gun? It really is hard to tell, however, it would not have been good.

Go tell her she should give up her gun.|||Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it....

Please ask the jews in Nazi Germany how they feel about gun control?

Please ask the cambodians in PolPots %26quot;interogation%26quot; house how they feel about gun control?

Please ask the UK who has seen a 500% increase in gun related violent crime since their ban on handguns how they feel about gun control?

Lastly, ask the woman who is on the phone talking to 911 as her rapist approaches her after kicking her door in ,in a Chicago neighborhood, how she feels about the Chicago handgun ban?|||I query the trustworthiness of Americans who are against gun control. If there weren%26#039;t so many guns floating around America you wouldn%26#039;t instinctively feel you have to defend yourself with one. What makes you think you would be quicker at the draw than the person you are defending yourself against?

Check out Wikipedia%26#039;s good summary on this topic.|||I live in Fort Pierce, Florida. Born and raised. Feel free to compare the crime rate in Fort Pierce to your town:

Im a skinny white guy in this town. I%26#039;ve never needed a gun in my life. I%26#039;ve never known anybody who has been shot that would have prevented it by having a gun. Like the other person said, what makes you think you would be quicker to pull yours out before getting shot? The only time I have heard stories of people pulling guns out to defend themselves is when it%26#039;s on the crime blotter in the newspaper and that is their statement of why they did it while they are sitting in jail. The only people who are pro -2nd amendment are people who live high in the hills(where they would never %26quot;need%26quot; to use a gun in the first place) away from the areas that are really affected by stolen guns on the streets.|||No one should trust Reagan, Bush #1, or any of the Republican hypocrites that have actually passed gun control legislation.|||I was wondering what the anti self-defense agenda was as well. All I can figure is that we would be easier to control.|||I trust them. They don%26#039;t believe in guns. So what? Neither do I.

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