Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is kali a good martial art for self-defense?

I know it is good for self defense against weapons, but is it good for hand to hand defense?|||I do not study Filipino martial arts (FMA), but from what I have seen, it looks like a very good form of self defense against both armed and unarmed attacks.

The art, as you mentioned, has great weapon defenses. But it also utilizes unarmed self defense techniques for close range (elbows and knees), medium range (punches), and long range (kicks). You will also learn wrestling techniques, take downs, and locks.

Most FMA schools will start you off sparring right away, which is vitally important. FMA also do not waist time on intricate %26quot;styles%26quot; and fancy foot work. It is very practical and realistic.

*Please, no one answer the question with %26quot;take Tae Kwon Do it%26#039;s the best.%26quot; If the person asking the question was interested in another form of martial art, they would have asked. Thanks.|||I do Lacoste-InoSanto Kali. Armed %26amp; unarmed techniques have the same angles %26amp; movements basically. Here%26#039;s a link to a short video that might help you understand more.|||You will have good luck with this art. Weapons translates to empty hand. You study one set of movements for both. No matter what your training your getting better at everything.

It is a very good art.

Good Luck|||hmm sorfry have to say first martial arts are not self defence. karli as you said is great for weapons and it does translate well to hand to hand but its not a style for hand to hand particuly on the offensive it fails|||I use Arnis basically the same thing and have been studying for a while now and can say by the people who I have trained with that it is good for that

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