Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ever use your gun for self defense?

I know that many people here own firearm for self defense, but I was wondering if you ever had to use it. If so what was the gun type, cal and situation that lead to you using it? What was the outcome of it?|||Yup. Sitting in my bed watching tv at around 11 o clock. My wife just left and the man was prolly watching our house and saw my wife leave and thought the house was empty. I was sitting in bed watching tv when I heard my front door glass break and the door open. I was up stairs in my room and the front door is obviously down stairs so I grabbed my glock .45 walked down stairs quietly and saw a black male trying to unplug my living room tv. I pointed the gun at him and said you came into the wrong house. I fired once at his head and then called the police. He was pronounced dead at the scene. that happend 5 years ago aint been robbed since|||Keith you should take a handgun training course. In self defense the best round is a jacketed hollw point or soft nose. You do not have to drag someone%26#039;s body in your house if you shoot them, a lot of states have castle doctrines now, you should never shoot to wound of course, if you have to shoot someone then it better be deadly force and they should be dead.

The police are never your friend in a murder investigation, detectives will tell you this. After a shooting request your lawyer and wait 24 hours before answering questions due to survival euphoria.

You should always shoot center mass to inflict as much vital organ damage as possible and that why you don%26#039;t use FMJ because it will push the tendons and organs out of the way and the whole will seal itself up. not to mention it won%26#039;t transfer it%26#039;s energy to the target.

Force may not exceed force opposing you, thus is you feel your life is in immeidate, imminent, and unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily injury you may use the same force back and kill your attacker.

Luckily I have never had to use a firearm in self defense.|||Its a 9mm Beretta. Once I heard some noises near the front door at around 3am, couldn%26#039;t tell if it was at my door or my neighbor%26#039;s door 8 ft away. I stepped close to the door and cycled the slide on my 9mm. Whoever was out there, left quickly. Funny how such a familiar noise catches people%26#039;s attention so fast.

I bought the gun in 1985 and subscribed to the American Rifleman for one year. That magazine had a page telling about instances where people used their guns in self defense and how they went down. I found the summation in those pages for 12 months to be the following to minimize your risk of going to jail:

You have to kill the intruder, if he lives, he can sue you.

You have to hit him in the front of his body.

He had to die completely inside your home, no limbs hanging outside.

You can%26#039;t use any exotic bullets, just normal FMJ or lead bullets. Killing an intruder with bullets like cross point or jacketed hollow point can be twisted to look like premeditation.

You have to convince the police that you feared for your life.

The police are pretty much on your side.

I%26#039;ve bounced these points off of a few police and they agree with them.|||Nope but i own a couple rifles the one i use for home defense is my 7.62x39 Yugo under-fold AK. Its small the stock folds under so i can maneuver around corners of the house and not give my self away, only draw back is the caliber is big and could go through a couple walls, but whatever, i dont have kids or a wife and my neighbors are far enough not to worry about.

Oh yeah Jewels, Guns are the best self defense hands down. I dont think a five foot 100lb woman could hip toss a 6foot 200lb man. Give her a gun and she could drop him in two seconds.|||No. I have been in a situation where I have thought that I need a gun (handgun or otherwise) to resolve this. I am unaware of any crazies coming to get me or my family and don%26#039;t feel that I need to stock up on 25 years worth of ammunition or have to upgrade to RPG or full auto assault weapons. I don%26#039;t carry a weapon or feel the need to. I don%26#039;t hide in the shadows. I feel confident enough to walk most anywhere.

I don%26#039;t live in the US. I am a active shooter and had been on occasion been professional. I have also served my country on active duty along side US forces.

What I don%26#039;t understand is the perception that America is the most dangerous country in the world to live in!|||Yes a quite few times when I worked the graveyard in a really bad part of town

Never have had to fire a shot

One was a guy that unknown to me had just murdered two people ans was the subject of an intense two day SWAT standoff that started about about four hours later

They believe that he was shopping for a new vehicle at the time of my encounter

I should have shot him, because I didn%26#039;t a SWAT officer was maimed for life and two toddlers went through two days of hell

My 4%26#039;11%26quot; 90lbs ex used one of mine to ward off a 210lbs guy in a mall parking lot that was later arrested for the brutal rape and murder of another woman after abducting her from a mall parking lot

She should have shot him,because she didn%26#039;t she has lived with years of guilt believing that she was at least partly responsible for the other woman%26#039;s murder|||I carry almost non-stop. I have a very small 45auto. I say a little prayer most days that I dont ever use it. 25 years ago when I was 17 a bad dude came to my house because he thought I was some one else that he wanted to get even with. I fired my brothers 44 mag in the air then aimed directly between his eyes and told him there%26#039;s 5 more. He left and the cops arrested him for beating his wife and the other two neighbors, robbery, drug use and dealing, and assault with a deadly weapon. He is still there.|||I have four guns in the house and never had to use one yet.I did have someone break in and tried to rob me.He didnt know that I am aretired Navy Seal when he did this but he has fifteen years to think about the mistake he made.His first few weeks in county jail waiting for trial he was in severe pain from a broken wrist and several broken ribs.I could have done more to him but I held back.|||Yep, a couple of times.

And when the badguys saw a handgun coming out of my pocket, or holster, they immediately remembered an urgent appointment in the next county. I did not interfere with their leaving. If they%26#039;d not shifted freight, some one would have become shot.

Doc|||i have a 357sig and 9mm both alwase with me i use the 9mm before on these guys who try to run me over with there truck not one but twice they tired and i open fire at the driver.. hoping never to use it again would be nice|||Yes ---- Some goof trying to open my kitchen window one afternoon..... I opened a nearby door and stepped out with a 12 gauge shotgun -- I didnt even point it at him. I asked him if he needed some sort of help.... He pissed his pants and took off like a jack rabbit......|||My dad did, a break in into my house all he did was point it at his face and my mom called the police. A 12 gage and the douche got arrested.|||Nope. And I hope I never have to.|||i have bean bag bullets instead of real ones so it stuns them instead of killing them|||YES!!!

S%26amp;W 9mm

the attackers got 9 years each.|||no! %26amp; I hope I never ever do!|||No. I have carried since 1983, and have never had to pull pistol. Hope my luck holds out.|||no but i do have 2 handguns|||yes a break in|||yes|||Most people don%26#039;t use guns for self defense. Police do, but thats different. Just take a few Karate classes and You%26#039;ll know how to disarm a man holding a gun. Or beat people up that have a knife and are ten times bigger than you. You may find that karate is better than any gun.|||OH sorry, taut you was talking about my biceps.|||yes...

i used a RPG to blast the head off George Bush...


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  1. Hi

    I am trying to respond to your question about owning a firearm and "I was wondering if you ever had to use it." in self defense. I will simply point you to the Armed Citizen web site where you can read countless self defense stories from around the nation. Check it out at

    Personally I have been a security officer for 7 years now, sometimes I worked armed and others not. One story I could relate to you without violating the privacy of the parties involved, is when I was on patrol one night and as I was on patrol, rounding a corner, I started to hear some whimpering screams. Apparently a rapist was in the process of raping a victim, and he had the victim’s mouth sealed with one of his hands as the victim struggled with the rapist. I heard the victim's muffled screams and I shone my flashlight near the victim and the rapist panning towards their position. I finally arrested the rapist, at gun point I told his to release the victim, roll on the ground and face down. He complied; the victim shuffled away from him, grabbed her belongings and sat behind me leaning on a tree. I radioed control and asked for Police assistant and in a matter of minutes they arrived. One office attended to the rapist and one asked me to lower my Ruger P345 .45ACP cal, and I did as asked. The officer approached me and stated that this is standard procedure and that he wanted to check things. I complied and was hand cuffed and my weapon was confiscated. When the victim, IDed the rapist I was let go after I showed them my credentials, permits and my weapon was returned after I showed them my ID. I had to testify in court and that was fun too.