Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is it illegal to harm a minor in self defense?

I was wondering if it was legal to defend yourself against a minor. After watching Drillbit Taylor, I%26#039;ve always wondered, just in case. There%26#039;s a scene at the end of the movie where a kid was beating on Owen Wilson and he said he couldn%26#039;t hit back because he thought the kid was a minor(but then found out he wasn%26#039;t a minor and hit back). I never realized that was a problem. I thought as long as its in self-defense, you can engage in the fight with reasonable force. But you never know i guess. |||Unless you are in a situation where retreat is impossible (such as backed up to a wall) fighting back is NOT self defense. It is mutual combat.

The law only permits the amount of force necessary to stop an attack.|||The age does not matter. Let me explain the self defense law. There are three things you need to be in self defense. First off, you must not be able to leave the situation safely. Second, you have to be in fear of bodily injury. Last, you must use only the amount of force necessary to get out of the situation. If you are in a fight you are not in self defense, you are involved in an affray which is a mutual fight. If you are hit and hit back in violation of the self defense law you are guilty of battery.|||I do not know about this specific scenario......but as for me...

I don%26#039;t care HOW old you are, if I feel that I am in danger of major bodily harm or death...someone%26#039;s getting hurt! Have you seen some 16 year olds?? Huge! What about a 13 year old with a gun? Let the courts decide what they have to decide, I am going to do what I have to do and used what force is necessary to neutralize the situation?|||Nope minors are covered in every aspect! You can not touch a minor under any circumstance. I don%26#039;t believe it%26#039;s child abuse but the government has related it to that manner some how.

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