Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is it consider "sexual assault" to punch a woman in the chest out of self-defense?

If a man punch a woman in the chest out of self-defense, will it consider as a sexual assault?|||Not if she%26#039;s an evil, antisocial, narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopath Harpy! Hey, while you%26#039;re at it knee her between the legs.|||a woman can scream, cry, make up a whole story,call the cops just say i was hit , and you%26#039;ll go to jail regardless, I%26#039;ve actually seen that done before, but anyways by law in my state anyways you have to be hit three times or more to use self defense in a deadly fashion. but might have trouble still because, we live in a society now that looks at situations in more than one way, we%26#039;re very political. you can just make stuff up and people believe it if it sounds good, you can tell them facts that sound unpleasant and not believe you just because of the way you say it.|||No, but it%26#039;s very hard for a man to prove self-defense when hitting a woman anyway, so this isn%26#039;t much of a concern.|||If you even look at a woman today, it%26#039;s considered sexual assault.|||key word......self-defense. So no.

wouldn%26#039;t really think of punching a woman%26#039;s chest as sexual assault...anyway. It would just be assault.

Sexual more grabbing fondling attempted rape.|||It is not sexual assault but if she is a feminist she will probably claim it is.|||your questions just get weirder and weirder... no. self defense is not sexual assault.|||No: if you could prove the punch was necessary to defend yourself then you wouldn%26#039;t be prosecuted. Legally, self-defence justifies actions that would otherwise be considered assault.|||I would consider that self-defense.

In a fight, there should be no genders. There%26#039;s an attacker and a defender. It%26#039;s when both become attackers that you have a problem.|||Probably not unless its an open hand punch, and you cop a feel. Why the obsession with hitting women. Are you writing from prison?|||So I%26#039;m assuming this is a question all made up in your head (since most of your postings are anyway) what is the circumstances behind the punching of this woman that you (personally) feel would warrant it being classified as self-defense? what was she doing too you (that may cause harm to your physical person) that would call for you to have to defend yourself?|||No, just weakness of mind and lack of control..|||I am surpraised to see this question. I feel punching a woman in the chest can take place out of emotions that too with happy mood. In case this punch has to be taken as sexual assault then the judgement can be either way to punish/ letoff depends upon the nature , the time , the situation, the surroundings and the fund drainout etc.,|||Self defense trumps other issues. However, from a self-defense stand point, it would truly be bad form to punch either gender in the isn%26#039;t going to have the necessary impact for you to get away from the altercation. You might mean the lower chest region, the sternum, but because you%26#039;re asking about sexual assault I%26#039;m taking the meaning as the middle of the chest. There are many, many other self-defense moves you could make which would serve you better than a punch to the chest.|||I don%26#039;t know. It depends. Seems like I could take a woman down without causing serious harm, if I am able to keep my head and not lose my temper. But I am a pretty big dude, so it depends on the people involved.

As far as it being sexual assault, if I felt like I was trapped and had no other option, instinct would probably take over and I wouldn%26#039;t worry about the consequences, just surviving.

I have been involved in more than my fair share of violent altercations, I suppose I am lucky, none of them have been with a woman.|||Assault definitely; why on earth would you do such a thing?|||Why would you punch her in the chest when she has padding there. If you are going to wimp out and hit a woman, why don%26#039;t you do the chicken sh*t thing and hit her in the face so you can maim her for life? Self-defense would call for thought and then a restraining action. Are you capable of rational thought?|||I don%26#039;t know, aren%26#039;t we supposed to be desexualizing breasts or something? Might be best to wait until that happens.

I know that in Australia and NZ it is illegal to defend yourself against a woman.

I%26#039;d stick to an open hand, and only if she likes it like that.|||Well, there%26#039;s definitely nothing sexual about that, so no. It isn%26#039;t even assault if it%26#039;s done in self-defense. If some crazy girl is coming at you with a knife, do whatever it takes to get her off you, you have the right to protect yourself.|||It is not illegal in Australia and new Zealand to defend yourself against a woman. We do have the odd kangaroo court though.|||No it%26#039;s not sexual assault. Sexual assault is a statutory offense that provides that it is a crime to knowingly cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or threat.|||Not at all - if you start a fight and you get hurt, it%26#039;s your own fault.

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