Saturday, May 15, 2010

Self Defense Tips for Women and teenage Girls?

share your self defense tips, tricks or moves that can help women and teenage girls.|||The best self defense is to use common sense and not put yourself in danger. Unfortunately, that situatoin can%26#039;t always be avoided and all women should know what to do if they are attacked.

There is a great class offered all over the country called R.A.D. for women that teaches self-defense tactics and techniques to women of all ages. You can find more information about it here: . The class is offered for a reasonable price and is well worth the cost and the time.|||kicking and slapping yea, but most guys can handle that...I would definitely scratch (one of the reasons I keep long, natural nails) and if life-threatening, go for the eyes %26#039;cause no creature on earth likes it%26#039;s eyes poked/scratched!|||well make noise if people are near.

i would try anything, kicks and punches mainly|||It%26#039;s important to remember that when kneeing the groin to not stop at the target, but to kick through it and repeatedly. This provides much more impact power.

My self defense instructor in college had witty sayings for many important moves to help us remember.

With each practice knee lift she would shout:

%26quot;Testicles to the Brain!%26quot; and %26quot;Send his Balls into Outer Space!%26quot;

This blow, if on target was certain to incapacitate any man long enough for you to skidaddle away.|||Try to never be alone in unfamiliar areas.

Always take note of who is around you.

Stay in well lit and traveled areas.

If someone does attack, aim for the eyes, throat, nose, and groin. Punch, kick, scratch, bite, etc.

Improvise w/ weapons (pen, pencil, car keys, etc.)

Scream and yell the entire time.

Make sure your attacks do not let up, overwhelm the attacker.

Escape as quickly as you can and call the police or seek help.|||kicking, punching, scratching!|||if he grabs you from the back, lift your leg up. he will start falling. kick him so he lands on the ground, go into the nearest building and call the police. they will come and you will be safe

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