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Is karate good for self defense?

is karate good for self defense? ive been watching videos of sparring on youtube, and all they show is people, even at the higher levels, just punching and kicking the crap out of each other with no particular anyone normally fights without any training. Maybe they just have bad videos on there and karate%26#039;s really very good? Can karate be good for self defense in street situations...will it give you the training you need in pretty much any situation? Also, do you have to be a body builder to win a fight? Would kung fu maybe be better?|||Both arts are excellent for self-defense. However, they are opposites in their core ideas.

Karate is a %26quot;hard%26quot; style; meaning that it does emphasize of strength, speed, and your ability to punch through your target and break as much as possible. It%26#039;s a proven style and there%26#039;s a reason why it%26#039;s still around.

A lot of times when I%26#039;ve watched people fight (either in video or real life), I%26#039;ve noticed that they tend to abandon their training. Those that do stick to what they%26#039;ve been taught more often than not come out on top. It%26#039;s important to note that a real fight is chaotic and just because you know how to fight it doesn%26#039;t mean you won%26#039;t get hit.

Kung Fu (or Wu Shu as I%26#039;m sure some sticklers will point out as kung fu is a general term for %26quot;hard work%26quot;), is a %26quot;soft%26quot; style. It deals with inner strength (tendons, ligaments, etc). In soft styles, they will train to hit and damage their opponent with having to force the bone to crack. Instead, they allow the physics of the body and the fluids of the body to cause problems.

As for which is better, that depends entirely on you. Different people have different likes, dislikes, passions, and abilities of understanding. Both, however, should cover most of the situations you will encounter on the street but due to the dynamics of one could ever cover everything.

I would say, if you%26#039;re interested in training, look for schools of both and try them out. See for yourself what you feel is best for you.

Against the average joe on the street, either one will be a great tool in your arsenal.|||Good Answer I thumbed you up. Not sure who downed you! Report Abuse
|||It is good for self defense %26amp; also for discipline... But don%26#039;t just do it to get yourself into fights or just because it looks good on videos! You have to apply yourself %26amp; be serious about learning this art. I have studied akido now for almost 20 years...|||as all martial arts if properly applied it%26#039;s an excellent tool for self defense provided it is properly applied. A lot of this home made junk on youtube is made by amateurs with at best basic level in martial arts. They give a bad example to the rest|||Karate is good, I recomend also doing either kemo karate or kyokushin karate. I doubt you will see many fancy moves, check out Narushima on youtube, he is probably the best technical fighter, but karate is basicaly about simple techniques and learning how to generate power and also how to take a punch

Its very simple, quick to learn and very effective, if thats not what your looking for then do something else|||I%26#039;ll just say this, if applied correctly karate works.|||Karate is a great form of self defense along with many other styles that offer it too.

Importantly as I have said time and time again, it is the teacher that you need to truly find. The practitioner makes the style work or not work along with your understand if their teachings.

So it is important to find a good teacher and you learn well from them.

watching videos can be misconceiving. remember you are yourself and unique among like the rest of us, so each of us will interpert the art form in their own way and make it work for them and their body style as they truly begin to understand Karate or any martial art,

good luck on your journey.|||Yes, karate is an adequate self-defense system.

But more important then the style is the training methods.

The quality and frequency of your training will far outweigh your style.|||If self defense is what you%26#039;re looking for, knowing karate is just half the story. No matter how well trained you are in any martial arts style, if you are attacked by someone and you are afraid to react and apply what you have learned, then you have learned karate for nothing. Let%26#039;s take another example: most street thugs haven%26#039;t had the opportunity to learn karate, yet they are very good at defending themselves.

What I am trying to say here is that in order to defense yourself properly, you need to train your SPIRIT and your MIND (your BODY has less importance).|||Karate is perfect self defense, you just need the right kind of karate, tai quan do is not the best, its more just board breaking and good looks. You do not need to be a body builder to use karate as karate was made in china, and you know how big they are. Kung fu is very good if you can find a good teacher and have patience and time to practice. Kenpo is also very good if you want to just jump right in and easy to learn. You need a good teacher otherwise the only thing(not that its a bad thing)that you will learn is confidence. Your confidence level will increase and you will not be afraid anymore.|||Yeah, just don%26#039;t tell anyone tho,|||Yeah karate is superb for self defense which is why its so popular.The kicks and blocks are design to defend some one in any situation although karate maybe excellent standing up but its pretty usless on the ground jui jitsu is good for brawling about on the ground. So my advice to you is take jui jitsu and karate a perfect combination.

P.S Karate also helps you to focus|||Hi Ben;

Karate is not a kick-punch sport. What you see in tournament fighting is not Karate.

Each style or %26quot;RYU%26quot; is characterized by the Kata that are executed. The Kata contain all the techniques needed to be able to defend yourself. Grappling, Pressure Point, Throws, Ki-Development, are developed by proper practice of Kata.

This is why you see sloppy kicking and punching in tournaments, as you described. Then there is that %26quot;extreme demonstration%26quot; crap. Tournaments harbor the worst displays of such beautiful arts. They are a mockery.

If you need assistance looking for a good instructor in your area, I can assit you in your search.

I can recommend Ed Parker%26#039;s Kempo. Even though it%26#039;s an American-made Art, it is an excellent curriculum. Ed Parker was a genius. A true Master. Look for someone who trained directly under him. Larry Tatum is one of his original students.

Hope this helps.|||Any traditional martial arts discipline will provide you with skills and technqiues for self-defense, as that is one of their core goals. Each discpline will achieve it in slightly (or greatly) different ways, but they will offer you much more besides just learning how to defend youself. Karate and Kung Fu would definately be excellent choices.

If you are seriously looking to get into the martial arts, don%26#039;t look at videos on YouTube. Go to the schools in your area and start talking with the instructor/s and students there. Watch a few classes being conducted and ask questions. See if you can try out a few classes, then decide which one appeals to you the most. You%26#039;re much more likely to stay with a discipline you enjoy than one you pick becuase someone on here recommended it.

Good luck!

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||Which style of Karate do you want to take? They vary. But most are great for self defense.|||Each martial art has its own strength and weakness. Karate is known as a competition art because most movements, katas, training are based on points against another competitor of Karate. It is great for basics and overall health.

If you are looking for a self-defense style however, I would recommend Krav Maga or Commando Krav Maga. It is difficult to find a trained instructor sometimes; however, Krav Maga is a blend of fighting styles that is taught to the Israeli Special Forces, CIA, FBI and some tactical forces.

Krav Maga starts off by teaching real world techniques to protect you, disengage and reassess the enemy. If you want to get into MMA/UFC; I would not recommend Krav Maga. I would go with BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jutsu). If you want to protect yourself then I would learn Krav Maga first.

The link I proved is a definition of Krav Maga.

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