Saturday, May 15, 2010

What small, on-the-go self-defense "weapons" are legal?

We%26#039;re in California. And my mum%26#039;s gonna go for night classes and I thought I should get her some self-defense weapons... just in case.

I%26#039;m thinking of a pepper spray, but of course, the more lethal (yet legal) the better x)

A few examples of non-legal weapons would be perfect too, thanks.|||You are getting a lot of recommendations for illegal weapons. I take it you don%26#039;t want Mom arrested, nor to be packing heat openly on her way to class. My answer is on that basis.

A knife is a TERRIBLE defense weapon, and if it has a fixed blade it is illegal to carry concealed (there is no limit on the size of a knife which is not concealed unless it is a switch blade). IT is also illegal to carry a concealed firearm (which will probably stand up even after D.C. v. Heller). Tasers are considered loaded firearms in California, and thus illegal to possess in most places. The ASP would be a billy club under California law, and thus illegal (unless, again that is a %26quot;arm%26quot; to which D.C. v. Heller applies). Your best bets are pepper spray or stun guns, which are legal.|||pepper spray is terrible.

If youve ever used it you know the fumes coming off of it kick your *** pretty hard.

And you cant use it at all in close proximity because it will incapacitate you as well, and just make your attacker really mad.

A knife is usually a really good choice, get her something automatic so she doesnt have to worry about getting it open.

Dont get a switchblade those are illegal, but a knife with a small lever instead of a button is legal because its like 5% human powered instead of 100% spring loaded.

Its a loophole that works in most states.|||Taser, blade, compact pistol, lady derringer (two-shot gun, really small).

I wouldn%26#039;t recommend pepper spray. It%26#039;s a completely indiscriminate weapon that can just as easily screw your mum over as much as the bad guy. And it%26#039;s also not effective for everyone.

I%26#039;m sure a bullet will have some effect on most anyone.|||Get her to look into what%26#039;s called an ASP it%26#039;s a held held weapon that%26#039;s pretty small in size and you can sling it out into an *** beating baton. Most pepper spray i%26#039;ve used barely sprays 2 feet so you have to be pretty close to the person to get it in their face.|||Lefty and Righty....aka the fists of fury. Your mum is pretty good with her hands already, so with a few technique modifications I think she could easily dispatch at least 2 men at once. PS Tell her I%26#039;ll have the 20 bucks I owe her on Friday. Thanks.|||Mace, pepper spray are all typical, maybe not the most reliable forms of self defense, but they work.

Stun guns too...

In all honesty, guns aren%26#039;t that big. Get her a small .22 to keep in her purse.|||i recommend the 85 cheetah, perfect for ladies. lessons available locally almost anywhere in america.|||a laser tag gun or a %26quot;stun gun%26quot; and pepper spray.

here%26#039;s a website. hope it help%26#039;s.|||Knives are legal as long as they are under a certain size

And there%26#039;s always listerine pocket spray + a lighter = flame thrower (both legal ;-) )

annnd tasers are legal i believe...|||well u could put ur keys in between each finger in a clenched fist then u got a teribly painful punch no matter how weak u r and pepper spray and mace would work good but taisers are legal and very very very affective|||Mini taser... Like the hand held ones are legal... A lot more effective...

A good non legal one is just a small switch blade...|||Your Hands, Feet and your Brain. Of course it is always best to use your brain first.|||Mace,long nail file or sharp pencil,sharp-pointed shoes.She could take a few classes in self-protection too.|||baseball bat|||9mm a knife under 9in-depending on your city rules|||one of those mall knives that are shaped like spades and are only like 3 inches tall or a stun gun.|||Pepper spray and mace.|||knife. kubatons. brass knuckles. hand grenades. ...**** that **** get yo self a gun!!!|||Pocket knife|||brains and common sense|||pepper wack them and then

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