Saturday, May 15, 2010

Would the S&W Magnum 500 be a good self defense CC weapon?

I%26#039;m looking into revolvers as good concealed carry self defense weapons. Is that a good one?|||That%26#039;s a hoot, but the %26quot;jokes%26quot; section is elsewhere.

S%26amp;W must wish there were more people like you, though, a few decades back. When they came out with the Model 57, they had a nice package with the 41 Magnum for those who didn%26#039;t think 357 was enough gun. 41 is one of my favorite hunting handguns, but it was too much for people to carry as a defensive weapon and never sold like they hoped.|||Only if you are worried about being mugged by a grizzly bear. Way too much gun for both concealment and personal defense.|||Far, far too much gun for CCW purposes. You would have a terrible over penetration problem. Since you must be aware of where your bullet is going, you would be terribly limited in how you could shoot at the bad guy so you didn%26#039;t hit an innocent bystander. A much better choice would be a .357 mag. loaded with cartridges having frangible bullets such as Glazer. There are other brands but that is the one that I use. It has plenty of knock down power but does not over penetrate due to the fact that the bullet disintegrates inside the target. It also pretty well eliminates ricochet concerns since it disintegrates if it hits a hard surface instead of ricocheting. The .500 S%26amp;W is an excellent caliber for hunting or protection from bears but is a very bad choice as a personal protection side arm.|||way too big to be concealed unless you commit to wearing a trench coat.

even then, the thing is like a boat anchor.|||Wow, you tossed out a line and got all kinds of bites here. Good troll. Next time ask if your M-4 would make a good gun for hunting bears, or some other such nonsense. These guys are hitting anything today.

And Matty May, it is a LeMat revolver from the 1860s. It holds 9 rounds of cap and ball pistol in either .36 or .44 in the cylinder, and a single shot muzzle loading shotgun barrel underneath. The originals are too rare for carrying, and the reproductions are both expensive and as finicky as all cap and ball revolvers are. Not to mention almost as big as the S%26amp;W 500 monstrosities. Nobody in their right mind would bother with a cap and ball revolver for personal protection if there is any way to avoid it.|||No.

Weighs too much. You would get tired of packing all that weight and would start leaving it at home.

Too big. Hard to conceal.

Kicks like a mule. You would have to two hand it to keep it under control and in an emergency sometimes you just can not get the second hand onto the gun. Fire it one handed and you could get hurt or lose your grip on the gun.

Too powerful. Most likely you would blow through your attacker and could kill someone behind him. If it happened, they could try you for negligence as you clearly had a gun far more powerful than was necessary, putting others at risk even if you did hit the attacker.

Ammo is expensive so you would not practice as much.

Get a nice 357 mag, practice a lot with 38 specials and plan on not missing the target.|||S and W Model 686 4 inch barrel in .357 magnum will work just fine.

Must be spring and %26quot;lunatic season%26quot; again from the looks of this question.|||Against a Grizzly bear or other large, dangerous animals with very sharp teeth and claws intent on eating you, I%26#039;d say yes. On people, no. Way too powerful and bulky as stated. You%26#039;d be better served with a revolver .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 Colt or .45 ACP(yes, some revolvers are in .45 ACP) or a semi auto pistol in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP|||I prefer the .357 mag. smaller more manageable recoil easier second shot , no over penetration (Frangible ammo).|||did I miss something? this ask a dumb question day?

a marine should already know|||Haha, are you kidding me?

No. Not at all. It%26#039;s massive.

Use a Glock or something, remembering that power %26lt; aim. And if the gun is that heavy, you%26#039;re aim is gonna be all over the place.|||no its too big

and if you were to get in a situation where you would need it it may break your wrist i would suggest a la monds revolver. i hope you will excuse my spelling im not Shure if it is correct its an older french calvary revolver with 2 barrels the first barrel is the the revolver and it holds up to 13 bullets and the second barrel holds a 12 gauge shot gun shell|||No, it%26#039;s much too big for self-defense. A good pistol to use is about 7.5%26quot; to 9.8%26quot; long and weighs no more than 41 oz in all-steel versions. Aluminum and plastic frames permit weights as low as 20 oz. The biggest handgun I use for such purposes is an S%26amp;W Model 586 in .357 Magnum revolver that weighs 41 oz with 4%26quot; barrel. I like the CZ-75 9mm Parabellum semi-auto that%26#039;s about 8.2%26quot; long and weighs 35 oz.|||It%26#039;s heavier than your M-16 when loaded. You make the call.|||Its to big and too powerful....

Concealed? --- Its a little hard to hide a revolver like that unless your a huge guy....

Consider something more sensible.....|||The .500 is way too big and bulky for concealed carry. Look at a .snub nose .38, or .357|||It would not be my choice.


Frame is too large to conceal

Catridge will over penetrate in too many everyday environments

Capacity is only 6. A miss with a .500 is still a miss and a hit with a 9MM is still a hit.

Follow up shots are going to be difficult with that pistol and it%26#039;s going to be extremely uncomfortable to shoot without hearing and eye protection.|||You could get the shorter version to make it more concealable but a 44 mag would do the job too. I love to shoot the 500, hardly any kick because of the weight, accurate as hell too. Better for a home protection gun instead of a CC.|||Absolutely not. It is too big, too slow on repeat shots, and too loud. I would suggest a Ruger or Smith %26amp; Wesson in .357 Magnum, if you want a revolver. Personally, I would go with an auto in .45ACP.

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  1. I own a 500 but shoot it rarely as it is quite expensive. As a self-defense cartridge it is way too much, recovery time is too great unless you are Arnie, perhaps. Due to its penetration you are likely to get hole up your neighbor's home too while you are at it. Even as a survival it is too large to carry unless you have the 4" barrel version... but then you gotta shoot it right?